How To Do Your Hair While Your Bangs Grow

by Ione Gamble

Maybe you've been here before: You grow your hair out for as long as you can, get hit with a sudden wave of inspiration, then cut your bangs. They look amazing, but eventually, you're over it. That's when you're in need of cute hairstyles to wear while growing out bangs.

Stuck with bangs too short to blend in, but too long to be considered a legitimate fringe, many might stress over their lack of options. Just as it takes time to grow a sassy bob into flowing mermaid hair, growing out your bangs can be frustrating and make you feel like you have to wear the same hairstyle over and over again. Whether you're trying to transition your summer look into winter, or want to grow out your cold weather fringed looks into flowing layers for spring and summer, these styles will help you manage the process.

Not all of us are inventive when it comes to thinking of cute ways to style up our hair while we grow our bangs, but there are plenty of hair geniuses to help us figure it out. Here's the best part about all of it: Most styles that look super cute when growing out bangs don’t require expensive products or lengthy process. Check out some creative ideas to manage your bangs below.

1. Keep Thing Elegant With Vintage Style Pincurls

Arguably one of the worst things about growing out bangs is feeling as though your hair wont feel "finished" until they're fully blended in. Thankfully, there are ways to style up your bangs during that in between stage — with a cute pincurl covering up the awkward length while still looking elegant as hell.

2. Plait it Out With Mini Front Braids

Perfect for those late summer, hotter-than-hot days in which even the shortest of bangs can cause a forehead sweat induced meltdown, a mini front braid will keep you both cool and cute.

3. Rock A Mini Quiff

Throw back to the '50s and add some extra volume to your hair. In the wise words of Dolly Parton, "The higher the hair, the closer to God." While you may or may not need God to patiently grow out your bangs, the volume will certainly help distract you.

4. Make Barrettes Your New Bestie

Barrettes are little blessings sent to us from the hair gods for when we need to scrape back that pesky hair at awkward lengths. Not only that, but many now come in cute color ways, or with little decorations to take your look to the next level.

5. Embrace Curtains And A Middle Parting

Curtains may have been the hairstyle of choice for early '00s boy band members, but the once much loved, but often ridiculed hairstyle has had a recent update, with center partings being sported by queens of cool, Florence Welch and Alexa Chung. Curtains may have been the hairstyle of choice for early '00s boy band members, but the once much loved, but often ridiculed hairstyle has had a recent update, with center partings being sported by queens of cool, Florence Welch and Alexa Chung.

6. Throw On A Headband

Some days you just can't be bothered with fiddly techniques or a sea of hair clips dotted down your scalp — and for those days we have headbands. Now they may not have been a hair staple for most of us since seventh grade, but there are ways to make the humble headband seem chic.

7. Let Casual Chic Rule With A Baby Top Knot

The top knot is the hairstyle that has your back no matter what. From scraped up and messy while rushing to work in the morning, to a cute half up and half down that conceals even the most annoying of bangs.

8. Take Inspo From Pin Up Style With Victory Rolls

For those of us who desperately want to be rid of our bangs but aren't quite emotionally ready to let go, victory rolls are the perfect in between up-do. Bonus points awarded to the beloved victory rolls for providing the illusion of a micro fringe with none of the forehead sweat that comes with the real deal.

9. Sweep Them To The Side

If you're the type of gal that's more likely to spend half an hour hitting the snooze button than slaving away over your hair, this sophisticated yet totally achievable style is the look for you.

10. Do Something Different With The Three-Way Parting

This awesome elfin look would be amazing on a Game of Thrones character, or alt-pop queen Grimes. It would also look great on someone with bangs in progress. One for those not afraid to make a brave sartorial style move, a three-way parting is a certified way to stand out from the crowd while keeping the hair out of your face.

11. Or Play It Safe With The Double Braid

For those who prefer keeping things simple, the double braid offers all the elfin elegance of the tri-braid with one third less hassle.

So, despite the fact those awkward couple of months waiting for your bangs to be no more may seem like a chore, there are ways to avoid living in hair purgatory. Throw on the headband, perfect the side braid, or rock 'n' roll with a mini quiff and wait it out. It'll all be worth it in the end.

Images: HowToBeFancy/Youtube