How To Have A Romantic New Year's Eve Without Leaving Your House

by Kristine Fellizar
BDG Media, Inc.

As I've grown older, the idea of going out, partying, and staying out late on New Year's Eve has become less and less appealing. Luckily, I've found someone who feels the same way. But just because we're choosing to forego the glitz and glamour of a typical NYE out, it doesn't mean we aren't looking to have a good time. If you and your partner want to stay in this year, there are so many ways to have a romantic New Year's Eve at home with your partner.

"As a mom with four kids it is so rare that we go out on New Year’s Eve," Kelley Kitley, LCSW Owner Of Serendipitous Psychotherapy, LLC, tells Bustle. "But I love our time spent at home talking about our goals for the new year and reflecting on the prior year. Quality time is our love language so being able to spend time together one-on-one is a huge benefit for our marriage."

Even if your love language isn't quality time, any couple can benefit from spending more time together. There's no better time to do that than the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. So here's how you can have a romantic New Year's Eve at home:


Make It An Evening Of Decadence

Get fancy and call up your favorite restaurant to have your meal prepped for pickup. "Most restaurants will have an early and late seating for a prix-fixe," Relationship Expert and Founder of LoveQuest Coaching, Lisa Concepcion, tells Bustle. "If you call early, they will most likely prepare you anything off the menu. Pick it up around 5 p.m. and you can always heat it up later on."


Get The Playlist Ready

Instead of watching your favorite TV show, why not create a music playlist together? "Taking turns playing songs is fun and a great way to bond," Concepcion says. "You learn a lot about a person when they reveal their prom song, their favorite make out song of all time, their guilty pleasure song and the song that was playing in their mind when you first met."

It's a fun and low-key way to get to know your partner without making it feel like you're bombarding each other with 20 questions.


Turn Up The Heat

If it's freezing where you live on NYE, spending a cozy night at home can seem like a much better option than having to dress up and brave the cold. But who says you can't have a party at home for yourselves? "Crank the heat up to 78, or if you have a fireplace, blaze it up and get naked," Concepcion says. "Eat, drink and let the night do the rest."


Plant New Year's Eve Wishes For Your Partner To Find

Get some Post-its and stick them around your home, Concepcion says. You can write little things like, "This year, I'm going to kiss you more," or "This year, I'm going to make an effort to show you how much I love you." This is a fun way to share your goals as a couple for the new year without saying it directly. Plus, it's a cute surprise to see what your partner envisions for the future with you.


Make A Midnight Snack

Who gets to eat pancakes or pizza at midnight on New Year's Eve? Couples who choose to stay in and do whatever they want! "You can substitute pancakes for chocolate chip cookies, pies, pizza," Concepcion says. "Whatever you love the most, do it."


Eat 12 Grapes For Good Luck

Different cultures have traditions to help bring luck into the New Year. For instance, in Spain, they eat 12 grapes on midnight. Eating all 12 is meant to bring luck for the next 12 months ahead. If you have any specific traditions that you've carried on from childhood, it's a great way introduce your partner to something new. If not, start your own together.

There's tons to do with your partner on NYE. FOMO can be real, especially at a celebratory time like this. But just remember, it doesn't matter what other people are doing and it doesn't have to be perfect. "The pressure for an exciting New Year's Eve plans is absurd," Concepcion says. "Own your choice and have fun with it."

New Year's Eve is a great time to spend with the one you love whether you're out at a party together or just cuddling in bed and sharing a kiss at midnight. You have the power to make it fun, romantic, and something really special for the two of you.