Here's How To Help The Homeless & Other People Affected Most By The Bomb Cyclone

by Katie Mitchell
Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

2018 entered with a blast of cold, but the worst of it is expected to come later this week in the form of what meteorologists are calling a "bomb cyclone." Scientists are predicting the storm, which is being compared to a winter hurricane, will impact the majority of the East Coast on Jan. 4 in a major way. And many of the people who will be worst hit by the bomb cyclone will be among the most vulnerable, but there are ways you can help people who will be affected by the bomb cyclone.

“This rapidly intensifying East Coast storm will produce strong, damaging winds — possibly resulting in downed trees, power outages and coastal flooding,” the National Weather Service tweeted Wednesday morning. Bomb cyclones are created by a dramatic drop in atmospheric pressure — 24 millibars in 24 hours, to be exact, which is a lot.

For people who are experiencing homelessness, or who are at risk of going without heat, this storm has the potential to be extremely damaging, or even fatal. Fortunately, some east coast cities are anticipating the increased need for shelter during the storm and making preparations accordingly. There are other ways to help out during this storm, though, that you can do individually or with friends. Ahead, find some practical ways you can help folks who will be impacted by the bomb cyclone.


Search GoFundMe For Places To Donate

Searching “Winter Storm” in GoFundMe turns up results from folks who have been affected by the bomb cyclone, and there will likely be more crowdfunding campaigns as conditions worsen. Consider donating directly to individuals and families so they can use the money to make sure they make it through this awful storm.


Call "311" To Get Help To Homeless People

Many cities that will be affected by the bomb cyclone, including New York, allow folks to call “311” to get assistance to homeless people who don’t have shelter during the winter. If the person requires medical attention, you can call 911.


Donate Directly To Homeless Shelters

Homeless shelters will provide warmth and shelter during the bomb cyclone. They’re likely to more full than usual, so your donation will help those in need. Call and ask a homeless shelter in your area what they need — whether it's monetary donations, extra coats or blankets, or non-perishable food — in preparation for the bomb cyclone.


Bring Pets Inside

Pets will be especially vulnerable during the bomb cyclone. If you have pets that typically stay outside, bring them indoors during the storm. The temperatures will be too cold for them to handle.


Donate To Food Banks

Find a food bank in your area, and donate money or needed food items before the bomb cyclone hits. Many Americans rely on food banks, including kids. Some food banks even drive around the city to give food to homeless people.


Share Safety Information On Social Media

If you can’t donate items or money, you can always share safety information on social media. Spreading the word may just save someone’s life.


Ask People How You Can Help Them

This a record-breaking storm, so it’s impossible to predict how it will impact every single person. Asking people if they need help and how you can help them is a great way to lend a helping hand.

This storm will be tough for a lot of people. We can get through it together if we help each other out.