You Can Still Host The Eurovision 2020 Party Of Your Dreams During Lockdown

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While lockdown may have cancelled much of 2020's social calendar (welp), turns out there's nothing can get in the way of our love for cheesy dance ballads and zany choreography. Eurovision is back for 2020 (kinda): cue the pyrotechnics and wind machine. Of course, current social distancing measures have meant organisers have had to cancel this year's contest. So instead, UK viewers will be asked to vote for their all-time favourite on BBC One's Eurovision: Come Together Show, Saturday, May 16. And I know what you're thinking, how to host your own Eurovision 2020 party during lockdown?

Firstly, let's get acquainted with the new format. Hosted by Graham Norton, the Come Together shortlist includes 19 favourites such as ABBA who won the competition with hit Waterloo in 1974, and Austrian singer and drag queen Conchita Wurst who won in 2014. On the night, viewers will be able to vote online for their favourite, once all of the songs have been broadcast (Personally, I'm queuing up Gina G's classic 'Ooo...Ahh, just a little bit') Afterwards, the Europe Shine a Light show will showcase all 41 songs that would have competed this year, followed by The A-Z of Eurovision hosted by Rylan Clarke at 10 p.m..

It's basically a Eurovision weekender, and I've put together a guide to Eurovision partying lockdown-style.

Set Up Your Video Call

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It's time to call your Eurovision-loving friends, no matter where they are the world and remind them that together we will still rejoice in terrible tunes, dramatic light shows, and strange bedazzled costumes, despite the current situation.

By now, you may have found your video calling app of choice for your weekly quiz night. Zoom is considered the best overall, simply because of the number of people you can have on one video call. Make it official and round up your gang for your Eurovision party via e-invite.

Start A Sweepstake

While the UK hasn't fared so well in this competition during its 60 year history, this time the country may stand a chance. You may even want to put money on it. For your Eurovision party, make things more interesting by starting a sweepstake. Get friends to pick a country at random (use an online generator), put £2 in the pot each and, well finger's crossed...

Decorate Your Home Eurovision Style

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There's no way around it, you're going to need bunting and flags. It is a festival, after all. Turn your front room into a Eurovision shrine, and if there's room for a designated karaoke space, then now is the time to move your furniture around. Stage lights are optional, but I'd strongly recommend it.

Dress for the occasion

Pledge your allegiance to your favourite Eurovision act by painting their flag on your face. Or, you may want to go full steam and get a costume, as in the above example.

Serve A Continental Spread


Your next weekly shop needs to be a big-un. French cheeses. A Swedish Smörgåsbord. You get the drift. Eurovision night calls for appropriately diverse finger foods. The BBC has made a list of fantastic Eurovision inspired recipes, including cocktails, to try.

Eurovision Bingo

There's no real Eurovision party without Eurovision bingo, amirite? It's simple to do, you can download eight bingo cards from Eurovision party-planning website Mission Eurovision, who are updating the cards for the Come Together showcase. All you need to do is mark off the items when you see them on your screen, such as "fake rain", "pleather outfits," "when anybody raps". A completed card gets a prize (what you win is up to you).

Mission Eurovision suggests allocating an adjudicator to "make those tough calls on the night, e.g. “Is that pleather? Or leather?”. This position holds great responsibility, so pick wisely."

Make a Eurovision Playlist For Isolation Song Contest

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It's going to be a long night, especially during the counting bit, so you're going to need a musical interlude. Streaming platforms like Spotify have plenty of Eurovision playlist to whack on very loud speakers (neighbour tolerance dependent). Karaoke is a party staple during a Eurovision party but I suspect you'll pop on the Zoom mute button at times. Try this one by Spotify to get you started.