How To Keep Lipstick On Your Inner Lip

If you fancy yourself a red lipstick addict, or reach for a vampy plum every now and then, then you might be familiar with this particular quandary. So, how do you keep lipstick on your inner lip so that the annoying sliver of bright pink doesn't pop through and ruin your color game? To avoid that contrast between your dark lipstick and your naked lips, the key is to apply it in just the right way.

But rejoice! This doesn't have to be something we have to suck up and live with. Why have Instagram pictures and fabulous Saturday night outfits ruined by that one makeup faux pas when all you have to do is work a little cosmetic magic?

Below, two makeup artists divulge their favorite tricks and tips for keeping lipstick on your inner lip, making sure you never have to check your reflection at a public bathroom and grimace at what's happening with your dark lipstick. From filling in your whole lip with lipliner (and not just the edges) to switching lippy formulas, it's not hopeless. Read on ahead!


Create A Clean Canvas

Lipstick on dry, flaky lips wears off faster than color on moisturized, smooth lips, so before you do anything make sure you prep your canvas. This step doesn't have to include expensive, elaborate products, either.

"When I am taking care of my lips at home, my favorite homemade lip scrub is a little finger tip of coconut oil mixed with sugar from my cabinet, it is just enough scrub not to irritate and I can lick it right off my lips when I'm finished!" Andrea Whittle, a makeup artist at KARMA Salon with 20 years experience, shares in an email to Bustle. It's simple, and super effective.


Lip Primer Is The Key To Success

Too Faced Lip Insurance Primer, $20, Sephora

There's a reason that your inner lip wears off so fast, and that's because there's more saliva closer to the inside of your mouth. To give your color a fighting chance, definitely prep your lips with a primer before swiping on any formula.

Not sure where to start when it comes to options? Whittle has you covered. "This has been a favorite product of mine that I keep in my personal make up bag as well as my make up kit: Too Faced Lip Insurance lip primer. Apply a thin layer over the lips with the soft doe foot applicator. After a moment and it has dried, apply your favorite liner and a lip combination," Whittle shares. "I think you will be surprised like I was and how long your lipstick last without feeding or feathering even in the toughest spots."


Don't Just Ring The Outline Of Your Lips

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil, $21, Nordstrom

It may surprise you to learn that lip liner isn't just meant for the outside of your lips. Use the crayon and color the inside of your lips too, especially focusing on targeting as far back into your inner lip as possible. If you can see that ring of pink when you talk, then you didn't aim further back enough.

"Instead of just lining your outer lips, fill in your entire lip with the lip liner. MAC's Pro Longwear Lip Liners are great because they are creamy, which makes the application very easy, and once it's applied, they stay put," Janet Debris, a makeup stylist and special-effect artist, shares with Bustle. The creamy texture can also help glide easier across those slicker parts of your lips.


Try Switching To Matte Lipsticks

If you're having inner lip issues with dark colors or highly pigmented shades, then try shopping those hues in only matte lipsticks. The formulas cling to your lips longer and can survive the slightly slick conditions of your inner lip. That way you can put your lipstick on a little further back, and know that the color has a fighting chance on clinging.

"This type of lipstick is formulated with clay along with pigment (and other ingredients). It gives the lipstick no shine and a very long wear. Pairing a long wearing lip liner and matte lipstick is an easy way to ensure a very long wearing lip with the least amount of effort," Whittle confirms.


Or Switch To Liquid Lipsticks

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, $20, Sephora

Another great option is to try liquid lipsticks. Since they swipe on wet like gloss, you can easily push the color further back on your lip so you can glide the formula along the inside. Combined with lipliner, once dried you should have your issue fixed.

"One of my favorite inventions since electricity! A great one to try is Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D," Whittle recommends.


To Prevent Color Loss, Use Straws

Now that you have your mouth well prepped, make sure you don't blow it all too hell by wearing your color off. A great way to make sure your efforts stay in place is to use straws whenever you want to drink.

"This being most important for an evening out or even a coffee date where you may be sipping a drink or a latte. After all, that's one of the major ways lipstick from our inner lower lip is worn off in the first place!" Whittle points out. Ask for one with your drink at the bar or pop one into your water bottle, and you'll be good to go!

The next time you're toying with the idea of putting on a fierce color, don't falter with your choice. You've now got the tricks on how to make your lips look flawless and unfaded. You've got this!