You Can Connect Sarahah Account To Your Snapchat — Here's How

Anonymous messaging app Sarahah is currently in the process of taking over the internet — which, of course, means that it’s all over all of our social media feeds right now. And hey, guess what? If you’ve been wondering how to link your Sarahah and Snapchat accounts, I have good news: It’s easy. Really, really easy. In fact, if you know how to embed links in your Snaps, then you basically already have the whole thing down already. Look at you go!

As Select All, NY Mag’s tech site, noted on July 27, Sarahah only really started to pick up steam when people — teens, mainly — started combining it with Snapchat. At the beginning of July, a new Snapchat update gave us all the ability to include links in our Snaps, much like Instagram did for their Stories feature in an update they released back in November of 2016. With Sarahah having hit the scene at roughly the same time as the Snapchat update, perhaps it was only natural that people would start using their personalized Sarahah URLs in their Snaps as a way to encourage their friends and follows to send them (hopefully) nice anonymous messages via Sarahah.

Happily, though, one does not have to be a teen to take advantage of the combined power of Snapchat and Sarahah. Here’s how to spread your Sarahah URL through your Snapchat account so you can soak up as many anonymous accolades as you like:


Make A Sarahah Account

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To do so, just download the app from your app store of choice (the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store are both options), open it up, and tap “Register.” You’ll be taken to the screen seen here, where you can input your username (which will be used to make your personal Sarahah URL), your actual name, and your password. Once you’ve got all that set up, you’ll be taken to your profile page.

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Take note of your Sarahah URL — it's below your default icon (which you can update with a photo if you like). The URL should have the form of [your username]


Open Snapchat And Take A Snap

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You probably already know how to do that, but just so we have all our bases covered, all you have to do is frame whatever you want to take a picture of, then hit the big circle button at the bottom of the screen. (That's my couch. Apologies for the macro of cat hair-covered upholstery.)


Tap The Paperclip Icon

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This is an overly-backlit version of my cat. Say hello, cat.

Anyway, here's where we start the process of embedding the Sarahah link in the Snap. To do so, tap the paperclip icon on the right; it's above the "Send" button.


Type In Your Sarahah URL

Remember that Sarahah URL we took note of back in step one? The [your username] one? Type that in here where it says "Type in a URL." (No need to include "http://" or anything of that ilk; just [your username] will do.)

It should look like this:


Attach Your Sarahah URL To Your Snap

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Once you hit "Done" after typing in the URL, it will bring you automatically to that URL (which, again, is your Sarahah URL. Just, y'know, as a reminder). There will also be an "Attach to Snap" button on the bottom of the screen. Tap it.


Send Your Snap

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Back on the main Snap screen, hit "Send," select your intended recipient on the "Send To..." screen, and hit "Send" one more time.

And that's it!


For The Curious, Here's What The Recipient Will See:

They'll receive your Snap as usual. They will also (presumably) open it as usual.

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But! See how your Sarahah URL is attached to the bottom of the Snap? When the recipient taps it, they'll be taken to your Sarahah page...

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...Where they can leave you a "constructive message" if they like.

Happy Snapping! And, uh... happy... Sarahah-ing? It... doesn't really work that well as a verb, does it?

Never mind. I'll show myself out.