11 Things From IKEA, Amazon, & Target You Can Use To Make A Grown-Up Pillow Fort

by Mika Doyle

Much like being able to eat ice cream for dinner every night, the best parts of being an adult often have to do with getting to do those things you wish you got to do as a kid. Like building a pillow fort in your living room that you can hang out in all the time. I have a story for you: One day, I threw some pillows down on the floor while I was working on a project, and when I got up, I saw something kind of amazing. I had the start of the adult version of a pillow fort. It's right in the corner of a room, and with a few more pillows and blankets, it'd be a bonafide nook of coziness. When you were a kid, you probably built a pillow fort out of whatever was lying around, but now that you're an adult, you can invest in cozy-ass things to turn your pillow fort situation up to 11.

Everything you'd use to create this fort is soft, from the columns to the roof to the walls. When you're done creating your pillow fort, you should be able to snuggle down into the ultimate nap. If you can't remember how to make a pillow fort, there's really no right or wrong way to do it. You can use furniture to drape blankets, or simply toss some pillows and blankets on the floor in a space that feels "fortified" or away from the traffic of the rest of the house. These are my top picks for pillows, blankets, and other pieces to get your pillow fort started.

1. This Extendable Floor Pillow

2. This Super Plush Throw Blanket

3. This Cushy Lumbar Pillow

4. This Versatile Yellow Cushion

5. This Lightweight Throw Blanket

6. This Soft Accent Piece

7. This Round Velvety Cushion

8. This Floor Cushion — Or Blanket Bolster

9. This Whimsical Floor Pouf

10. This Snuggly Knitted Pillow

11. This Massive Wedge Pillow

Creating a pillow fort as an adult might seem silly, but it's really just about creating a space where you can rest and be comfortable. Self-care comes in all shapes and sizes, including a little piece of childhood nostalgia.