How To Make Any Shoe More Comfortable

If you love to wear flats and heels and sandals, then you're probably well acquainted with the agony that is fancy footwear. While wearing comfy sneakers 24/7 is a definite option, sometimes it's nice to step out in something a bit more stylish. And that's where AmopéGelActiv™ Insoles & Inserts, from the footcare brand Amopé, come into play.

These new gel inserts come in a variety of styles to fit into any type of shoe. So if you want to stand around in heels for hours, or wear your supposedly "comfortable" flats for a day on the town, you totally can.

AmopéGelActiv™ Insoles & Inserts were introduced last month at New York Fashion Week in partnership with TONY Award winner Sutton Foster. You probably know her from the hit TV show Younger, or from her stint on the remake of Gilmore Girls. (She was the lead in the big Stars Hollow musical in the Summer episode. So great.)

As a singer/dancer/actress, Foster is always on her feet. And that's one reason why she's all about these new inserts. They feature an ultra-thin gel technology to relieve pressure for any type of shoe.

"Foot health for me has always been a priority," Foster says in an interview with Bustle. "So this is such an amazing addition to my foot I can wear shoes and not have to be in torture chambers."

The gels come in shapes that are sized perfectly for flat shoes, open toe shoes, everyday heels, and extreme high heels. There are also smaller gels to protect just the ball of your foot, your heel, or the tiny sensitive spots (like the sides of your toes). Take a look at the squishiness of it all below.

Amope GelActiv Insoles For Flat Shoes (2 PK), $20, Amazon

The version for flat shoes provides shock absorption under your heel, right where you need it for the comfiest walking experience.

Amope GelActive Insoles For Everyday Heel (2 PK), $20, Amazon

And here's the everyday heel version. With extra padding right under your arch, they're perfect for wearing to work.

Amope GelActive Insoles For Super High Heel (2 PK), $20, Amazon

And last but not least is the super high heel. It provides a grippy surface so your feet won't slide around in your stilettos. So perfect, right?

Images: Amopé