Make Curls Last All Day With These 6 Hair Curlers And Irons

By The Commerce Team

This post goes out to anyone who's ever spent about 45 minutes curling their hair just to watch those freshly coiffed coils unfurl right before their eyes — or, you know, over the course of several hours of living their normal life. But, with a little practice and the best hair curlers and curling irons, you can learn how to make your curls last all day without applying enough hairspray to reach scarecrow status.

Creating curls that last comes down to applying the right styling products before you begin, choosing the best tool for your hair type, and using that tool correctly — which varies depending on the look you're going for. For stubborn, straight hair that won't hold a curl, hot rollers are your best bet for getting those spirals to stick. If you already have curly or very wavy hair, but would like to create a different kind of curl, I recommend using a heatless tool — like velcro rollers or flexible curling rods — because curly hair tends to be more easily damaged by heat. If your hair is somewhere in the middle, and tolerates high heat well, then a curling iron or wand is a great option.

These six highly-reviewed curlers will help prevent your curls from experiencing a mid-day deflation.


Leave These Hot Rollers In While You Get Ready For Lasting Curls With Lower Heat

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo And Super Jumbo Hot Rollers, $30, Amazon

Hot rollers are super easy to use and make it possible to do other things while you style your hair — like applying your makeup or prepping your lunch. They're intended to be used on dry hair and left in until cool, which can take around 10 to 15 minutes for most hair types. Unlike curling irons, which provide a short burst of intense heat, hot rollers use a lower dose of heat for a longer period of time to create lasting curls.

This set from Conair comes with two sizes of rollers: super jumbo, which are great for creating volume at the crown of your head, and jumbo, for big bouncy curls everywhere else. It also includes their "super clips" which hold curlers in place better than the little metal clips that come with most sets. For best results, apply a styling mousse to damp hair when you plan on using hot rollers, and lightly mist your hair with hair spray before removing them.


Stop Your Curls From Falling Flat With This High-Heat Curling Wand Designed Without Cool Spots

Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron 1 ½ Inches, $79, Amazon

The Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron reaches a max heat of 380 degrees, and is designed without any cool spots along the barrel, which can cause certain parts to fall flat sooner than others. This clipless wand won't leave any creases in your hair, and it comes with a heat-resistant glove that protects your hands from getting burnt while you style. Because this wand heats so evenly, it promises to smooth the cuticle, "lock in your look," and curl your hair in "half the time of traditional 'clip' irons."


Create Curls Of Any Size On Damp Hair With These Velcro Rollers

Conair Self-Grip Rollers, Assorted, 31 Count, $9, Amazon

Velcro rollers might sound like a styling tool of the past, but these versatile curlers having been making a major comeback. The "velcro" easily adheres to your hair, so you don't need to use any clips with these, but won't get caught in your hair when it's time to remove them. Velcro rollers are meant to be used on damp hair, and they can be used without heat — if you're not in a hurry — or with your blowdryer, to speed things up. This pack of 31 comes with an assortment of sizes, so you can customize your curls. To really make these last, comb a styling mousse through damp hair before rolling in these curlers.


Take All The Guesswork Out Of Curling With This Automatic Curler

Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret, $80, Amazon

Creating lasting curls has a lot to do with technique: the way you wrap your hair around the barrel and how much heat you use really do have an impact on how your curls will fare later in the day. The Curl Secret automatic hair curler uses a brushless motor to pull hair in, wraps it around the coil, and beeps when it's time for you to release it. It has two heat settings and three timer settings, for loose, medium, or tight curls. Automatic curlers are best for people with straight to wavy hair that doesn't tangle easily.


Use These Flexible Curling Rods On Damp Hair To Define Your Natural Curls Or Create Heatless Spirals

Tifara Beauty 42-pack 7" Flexible Curling Rods, $13, Amazon

Flexible curling rods are great for creating heatless, damage-free curls on all hair types. And, curling rods are surprisingly versatile — you can create a variety of curl styles from tight to loose by bending them differently. This Tifara Beauty pack of 42 curling rods includes an assortment of sizes so you can create tons of different curl styles with this one set. Applying a styling mousse to clean, damp hair before rolling in these rods will produce long lasting curls.


Customize Your Curls With This Two-In-One Curling Wand And Straightener

xtava 2-in-1 Magic Wand, $15, Amazon

This two-in-one curling iron and straightener with 1 inch ceramic plates has a maximum heat setting of 400 degrees, which is certainly hot enough to make your style last. This a great tool for anyone who wants to customize their style — it makes it easy to straighten your hair and curl just the ends, or go for a full head of spirals.

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