Here's Exactly How To Make Dalgona Coffee Without Milk

How To Make Dalgona Coffee Without Milk

While practicing social distancing, people have taken to social media to try all new sorts of viral trends and challenges. There are dance challenges and virtual bingo boards going around, but probably one of the most delicious trends has been making Dalgona coffee. Loved for its super simple recipe consisting of only water, milk, instant coffee, and sugar, the Dalgona coffee seems like it's here to stay even long after coffee shops are open again. So it might be a fun idea to learn how to make different variations of Dalgona coffee, including one without milk.

Though Dalgona coffee already only has four easy ingredients in its recipe, you can knock it down to three and still get a great-tasting whipped coffee drink to feed your morning caffeine craving. The replacement still requires you to mix the water, instant coffee, and granulated sugar in a bowl until it has the perfect fluffy and creamy texture you need. But, instead of adding and the mixture to a glass of hot or cold milk, you always have the option of adding it to some water instead. Although you won't be getting the exact same flavor that everyone is raving about on social media, you'll still be able to enjoy the deliciousness of the Dalgona coffee and the caffeine boost you probably needed.


Using water instead of milk might be your only option if you've run out of milk in your house and don't want to run out for some more. But if your issue with using milk in the recipe is the dairy aspect, there are plenty of flavorful and yummy nondairy milk substitutes that you can use in this recipe instead. By using a nondairy substitute, you can maintain the intended flavor of the Dalgona coffee without having to consume dairy.

Though there are plenty of nondairy milk options out there you can use, some of the most-used in online recipes are almond milk, soy milk, and oat milk. These nondairy options have subtle tastes to them that won't deviate far from the original taste of the coffee. But it's totally up to you. If you're more of a cashew milk, coconut milk, or even rice milk, use whatever you want in your recipe. It can even be a fun idea to try a different nondairy milk every day, so that you can try them all and determine which one you like best.

Part of the reason the Dalgona coffee seems to be trending so much is because people can make it easily at home. And if they want, they can make it their own. Whether you choose to use a nondairy milk substitute or even switch out other ingredients — like using brown sugar instead of white sugar — the choice is up to you. It can be fun to play around with the recipe and turn the Dalgona coffee trend into a morning whipped concoction that's perfect for you. Even if you end up with a coffee that's totally different than the original trend, that's OK. You might even want to post your delicious innovation and inspire others to experiment as well.