How To Make An Instagram Collection
by Lily Feinn
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Good news for social media neat freaks: Instagram is making it super easy to organize your favorite 'grams, giving users fast access to the posts you want to remember — it's as simple as learning how to make an Instagram collection from saved posts. With the new feature, every saved post has its own special place, making it easy to locate that adorable cat video or pull up that pic of that gorgeous unicorn latte. Will this new way to sort images and videos into their own folders make your Pinterest board obsolete? Probably not (especially because they are private), but it's an thoughtful addition making the popular photo sharing app yet again easier to navigate.

Although the ability to save Instagram posts has been around since December of 2016, the ability to save posts to collections was just announced in a post on Instagram's blog on Monday, April 17; it will be rolling out as part of Instagram version 10.16 for Android and iOS (so don't sweat it if you can't access it right away). With so many beautiful and unique things to explore on the app, it's no surprise that since saving debuted five months ago, nearly half of the app's users have taken advantage of the feature — so I'm willing to bet that the ability to organize all those saved posts will be a boon for many, too.

So, how do you weed through your saved posts and sort them into collections? Just follow a few simple steps and you'll never lose track of a favorite post ever again!


Update Your Instagram

As per usual, the first thing you want to do when a new feature is released is make sure you are using the most recent version of the app. Head over to the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store to double check that you are updated to Instagram version 10.16.


Go To The Saved Posts Folder

To see if you have the new feature, open the app and head over to your profile by tapping the person icon in the lower right hand corner of the main screen. Saved posts can be accessed by tapping the bookmark icon in the upper right hand of the menu bar above your past posts. Your saved posts are totally private, and only you can access them, so you have free reign to save whatever is meaningful or cool to you — no judgements.


Start A Curated Collection

Those with the new feature will notice that their saved post folder looks a little different than before. Instead of one big folder, you will see the options "All" and "Collections" as well as a plus sign in the top right corner above your saved posts. To start dividing your posts into collections, simply tap the plus sign.


Select The Images And Complete Your Collection

You will be prompted to give your collection a name. Do that; then hit "Next" in the upper right hand corner. Instagram will then bring up all your saved posts. Scroll through and tap the ones you wish to add to that specific collection. Hit "Done," and your new folder will be created!

You can make as many collections as you want, so the sky is the limit. To access them tap the "collections" option at the top of saved posts and peruse your different categories of 'grams. Now your Instagram can be so organized, even Marie Kondo would be proud!