Making Money Without Leaving The House Is Easier Than Ever & These Hacks Prove It

by Aoife Hanna
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Jovo Jovanovic

Hey it's 2019. It's January 2019. I could go through the umpteen reasons why you and I are both broke or we could look at sorting that out instead. Hell yeah onwards and upwards vibes am I right? So depends on your attitude/income/pride or whatever but like being broke is a bit of a stalwart of modern life right? And having spent the entirety of my twenties in what according to google is abject poverty, I know a few things about how to make money from home. Because if you look after the pennies the pounds watch themselves, right?

OK, I'm not sure about that but like, you know you could do with an extra tenner here or there. What is a tenner? Two large wines at the bar. A pizza. A jazzy new phone case. An actual outfit in a good charity shop. A percentage of your council tax bill. OK ,real talk that last one was not sexy but if you're anything like moi, when bills like that come out — you find yourself scrambling through coat pockets, bags, cupboards, desperately hoping to find a few pennies for a bag of pasta, a jar of pesto, and some broccoli. Holla at survival food!

But y'all maybe your survival food about to glow up. Time to harvest what you got and make that shmoney.



OK I am not here to be Marie Kondo. But you know that you have too much stuff. Admit it. And if you don't have too much stuff then you are a perfect angel and I'm proud of you.

But did you ever think of sticking a few of your items on your favourite online auction shop? Even if what you list doesn't get too much, it is better than nothing and if you continue your impeccable selling and shipping behaviour a high rating will mean more and more people buy your stuff. So you can buy more stuff.



OK yay for tech making life so much easier. Depop is an even more updated online auction service, that is visually a cross between Instagram and Pinterest. Plus it is so user friendly that you will be sticking your threads on there ASAP and selling them even faster.


Car Boot Sale

Before there was Depop there was eBay. And before there was eBay there was the humble jumble sale — the car boot sale. Basically heaven on earth, a car boot is an opportunity to declutter and let's be honest — reclutter.


Sell Old CDs/DVDs

Using sites like Music Magpie is a quick way to get cash but also get rid of junk you don't use anyway. All you do is go online and enter the barcode of what you are intending to sell and get an instant quote.

Can anyone else say hell yes? I can. All the way to the (piggy)bank.


Paid Online Surveys

Guys you can get paid to do online surveys. This is not a drill. You know those easy peasy surveys you do for your mate's uni stuff or whatever. Well scrap doing that crap for them for free and get that shmoney.

Hell yes.

Click here for a list of websites that pay you for surveys


Review Apps And Sites For Money

Yes you can also get paid to do this. No lie. Guys this is the internet and it is 2019 and it is lit. [Can we get a link to one or more of these pls]


With this many options you would be silly to miss out on making a little extra crust with what you've already got. Go forth and get that shmoney.

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