6 Tips For Making The Most Of Amazon Prime Day, Because You Deserve ALL The Bargains

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One of life's sweetest joys is bagging yourself a bargain. The delicious joy of nabbing something for less than you might have potentially spent and then bragging about it to every single person you know. Moo ha ha. I mean, we live in an age where Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two dates indelibly marked in most people's calendars and where Christmas sales are more exciting than Christmas itself. Even better, some companies, like Amazon, are doing their very own members only sales. So I'm here to tell you how to get the most out of Amazon Prime Day 2019. Because, babes, you deserve ALL the bargains.

Amazon Prime Day is an annual event that's put on by Amazon for its Prime members. To show appreciation for their VIP gang, Amazon kindly lobs on a load of unique offers for members only. Which is pretty lit, right? Normally it lasts for only a day but this year, in celebration of their fifth year doing it, there's going to be two days of discounted goods. Say what? Yes guys, two days of bargain basement bonanza. Get in.

The huge event is on July 15 and 16 2019, so make sure you save up ahead of then. And here are some handy tips that can help you maximise your deals and make the most of your money on the two-day shopping spree.


Sign Up To Prime

OK so this might sound a bit flipping obvious, but I cannot emphasise enough, these offers are only available to Prime members.

With Prime membership, you get next-day delivery on lots of products, access to Prime video, Prime music, and Prime reading. Oh, and access to Amazon Prime Day. Obv.


2. Shop Amazon's Own Products

So the products you're going to get the best offers on are going to be Amazon's own products. For example, the Echo Show will be available for £79.99 instead of its original £179.99. Now you can't argue with that can you?

So this is your chance to do some research into the kind of Amazon branded tech you might like to get in your life.


Turn On One-CLick Ordering

This one is pretty self explanatory really. By setting up the one-click feature, you will find yourself able to put orders through lickity split. Which is perfect, because you don't want to be sat waiting around to enter pesky credit card details. Time is of the essence!


Download Amazon Assistant To Your Browser

Amazon Assistant will help you compare and browse products on offer. Alongside this, it will give you a live stream of daily offers so you can get in ASAP before the goods sell out. Which is good because Amazon say they will be "serving up a two-day parade of non-stop deals." Whut whuuut.


Search Other Deals Ahead Of Clicking 'Buy'

Remember that impulse purchases happen to the best of us and can occasionally lead to feeling a bit ticked off with yourself. And guys, nobody deserves that.

So it's best to really do some research ahead of time. While Amazon Prime Day is set to have some incredible sales, you never know what else is out there unless you look. For example, that telly that's on offer may actually already be cheaper elsewhere. Check out Google Shopping to get an idea of the price range for the items you need so you don't mug yourself in the long run.


Don't Spend What You Don't Have

OK, I's quoting my lovely grandad Leo here. But guys, just don't spend cash you don't have.

Just because something is cheaper than normal doesn't mean you can necessarily afford it...

Shop responsibly!