How To Make Your Favorite Jeans Last Longer

I love my favorite pair of jeans more than I anticipate I'll love my first born child — which is why I want to keep them around forever. They're perfectly worn in and go with legit every item currently hanging in my closet, and I will be nothing short of devastated if I ever have to replace them. So, knowing how to make your favorite jeans last longer isn't so much a cool life hack for me as it is necessary to maintaining my sartorial sanity — and I know I'm not alone here. If you, like me, are constantly looking for ways to extend the closet life of your go-to denim, check out the fourth episode of Bustle's Adulting series. Our jeans are our babies, and they deserve our finest care.

You may even be familiar with a few tips already. Don't wash your jeans too often, or the color will fade. Never put your jeans in the dryer. But if you are really looking to forge a life-long relationship with your denim, there are some other simple tricks to keep in mind to make sure that you'll never find yourself back in a dressing room with a million pairs of pants hanging over your arm and an overwhelming sense of dread at the prospect of finding an adequate replacement for the jeans you lost to pre-mature ripping.

Of course, those unwanted holes don't necessarily have to mean the end of the world, either. From taking care of your denim to patching up tears, here is everything you need to make sure your favorite pair of jeans sticks around forever.