Here's How To Nominate The Most Deserving Person In Your Life For A Fab Five Makeover


This year has been kind of a mess. But the one beacon of light, the one ray of sunshine that many have embraced, is a simple streaming show on Netflix — the reboot of Queer Eye. The show has produced two seasons of tears and joy in just six months, and now, they’re preparing for more. To say the show is a success is an understatement, so why not be a part of it? How do you nominate someone for Queer Eye on Netflix?

Tan, Jonathan, Bobby, Karamo, and Antoni are, in fact, looking for more people not to make over, but to make better — the Fab Five are putting out feelers in the Kansas City, Missouri. According to the Kansas City Star, fliers and social media posts abound with information about casting for the new season. Producers are looking for men, women, and couples within an hour’s ride of Kansas City, Missouri. According to the casting call (which Kansas City Mayor Sly James tweeted out for his constituents), if you or someone you know deserves the “makeover a lifetime,” you should email the name, contact info, photos, and story of the nominee to qecasting@itv.com. And it seems to be as simple as that.

What’s lacking, information-wise, about the casting, is the timeline for choosing candidates. These tweets and articles went out in April 2018, so there is probably still time for Kansas City-ish residents to nominate their deserved loved ones.

The original Queer Eye For The Straight Guy series started in 2003 and Bravo, and according to IndieWire, Netflix was happy to bring the show into the 2010s, according to executive producer David Collins, starting with talking more about the Fab Five’s personal lives. “We’ve evolved in a big way. If you think about the fact that our original Fab Five [didn’t use] words [like] ‘my husband’ or ‘my boyfriend’ or ‘my kids’ — America was not ready to handle that,” Collins said. “[Now], we get to see that Karamo is a father of two, Tan’s a Muslim man married to a Mormon cowboy. And Bobby’s been married for almost fifteen years now.”

As for where the show will head next, Collins said he has a wide wish list of locations in the heartland. “I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio, born and raised. I would like to go the tristate region, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, because you can base in Cincinnati and go across the bridge to Kentucky and go up the interstate to Indiana,” he told the outlet. “The corn-fed midwestern folk are where I’m from — and I love actually being from Ohio, it’s a great place to be from.”

While the Fab Five are the ones doing the making over, they learn plenty from their making over, too. That’s probably why it’s so satisfying to watch — the hosts are just as amiable to change as the people nominated. In a recent interview with Vulture, Tan spoke of being nervous with Skyler, the trans man in Episode 5, because he didn’t know that much about the trans community and didn’t want to be judged for it. “It was important to show. Just because we’re all members of the LGBTQ community doesn’t mean we also know everything about that community,” Tan said. “I really pushed to say, yes, I’m nervous that people are going to chastise me in that community for not knowing beforehand. However, I love that I was in a privileged enough position to be able to ask the questions that a lot of people really want to ask around the world, not just America. It gave Skyler, and hopefully the trans community, a vehicle to answer those questions for the wider audience.”

Now, the time has come to see what other experiences the Queer Eye guys can have — and give — to those in the Kansas City area. If you’re in the area, nominate someone today — we’d love to watch.