How To Not Get Sick On A Plane When You’re Literally Surrounded By Germs


Traveling by airplane can be super convenient, as it allows you to get to your destination quickly — or, at least, it's supposed to. But while airplanes are often the way to go when traveling, there are plenty of things about them that are incredibly annoying: unavoidable delays and cancellations, uncomfortable seats, high ticket prices and fees, everything about the security process, and, of course, the fact that they are full of germs and could very easily get you sick. As it's currently flu season, that is something you're probably desperately trying to stay away from, so you may be wondering how to avoid getting sick on an airplane if you have a flight coming up.

First, know that getting sick on a plane is a legitimate thing to worry about. According to SkyScanner, studies have shown that more than one in five people will get sick with either a cold or the flu after a flight, which is not exactly a comforting statistic. Planes are also known to be full of germs, as many microbiologists have found bacteria literally all over the place. On top of that, a Cambridge University study once showed that going into a different time zone can disrupt a person's circadian rhythm, which can end up compromising their immune system, making them more likely to pick up whatever germs and bacteria are hanging around and get sick from them. All in all, it's safe to say that planes are just gross.

So how can you keep yourself from picking up a cold or, even worse, the flu? Here are a few tips to follow the next time you're going to fly: