How To Organize Your Desk With 7 Genius Products

When your desk is a mess, it can be hard to focus on your actual work because all you see is clutter. Learning how to organize your desk takes quite a bit of determination! I say this assuming that you are not in fact Marie Kondo casually reading this to gain a deeper understanding of your new potential customer.

I find that I'm far more productive when I can actually see my workspace. Searching for pens or highlighters while you're working, or having to dig through a drawer of junk to find your notebook can take you right out of the zone. Simply making a place for these items, where you know they can always be found, is a great start to getting organized. And why not lean on some handy tools that can help you do just that?

So let's tackle some of the most common organizational problems you may have when it comes to your desk. There are some quick fixes and products that will help you create a functional and organized workspace — like a place for your gadgets or an organizer that makes the most of your drawer space. And, trust me, they'll make your life a whole lot easier.

1. A Charging Dock Will Keep All Of Your Devices In One Place


Apple Watch Series 2 Stand Charging Dock Station, $14, Amazon

A charging dock will keep your desk space so much more organized, and it allows you to keep your phone and tablet in reach while charging them. This one even has a place for your Apple Watch if you have one. I think this is especially great for people who work at home because you can now use your phone and tablet hands free, which makes Facetiming and conference calls via speakerphone much easier.

2. Keep Cords Untangled And Out Of The Way


Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management For Power Cords, $12, Amazon

I always have so many things charging (I guess it's due to the fact that I have a camera, GoPro, phone, computer, and about four other things I have to keep charged). It can be pretty frustrating when cords get tangled. Having a tool that keeps them separated and in reach is a great desk accessory. This cord organizer has five rubber grips with four slots. Each slot can hold several cords (just stack them on top of one another) and keep things nice and neat.

3. Clean Up The Inside Of Your Desk With A Drawer Organizer


The Everything Drawer, $16, Amazon

In order to keep the top of your desk organized, you need to remove anything that isn't necessary and put it in a drawer. But when people start to do that, it can often turn into a junk drawer. To avoid that happening, use a drawer organizer to keep things in their place. That way when you finally do need something in there, you're not digging for hours looking for it.

4. Hang Up Notes And Keep A To Do List On A Board


2-in-1 Black Wood Framed Wall Mounted Combination Bulletin Cork Board & Magnetic Whiteboard, $40, Amazon

I swear by to-do lists and I swear by keeping my desk space cleared off. If you feel that way too, then think about hanging up a combination bulletin and whiteboard in your office. This way you can hang up any important notes or papers you need and you can write down all of the things you need to get done for the day.

5. Always Have A Notepad Close By


Blomus Notepaper Roll Holder, $27, Amazon

If you're someone who is always in need of a piece of paper to jot something down on, then this notepaper roll will look great on your desk. Instead of scrambling to find a piece of paper to write on when you're on the phone or think of something important, you'll always have one nearby. Plus it's really sleek since it's made of stainless steel. One user said, "I have one classy looking note taking device sitting on my desk at work...It definitely looks cool, but it really is convenient."

6. Create A Filing System For Your Paperwork


Poppin White + Pool Blue Stow Rolling 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet, $250, Amazon

I've been searching for a functional filing cabinet that doesn't look dull and I think I've found one! You can get this three drawer, rolling cabinet in nine different colors including pool blue, yellow, orange, white, and black. The great thing about it is that you can file away all of your important papers and you can move the cabinet wherever you want because it's on wheels.

7. Use An Upright Pen Organizer That Conserves Space


Umbra Grassy Organizer, $10, Amazon

It seems like I'm always searching for a pen. And while searching for one, I usually end up making an even bigger mess of my workspace. Keep a fun pen organizer on your desk that also adds some personality to it. This one comes in three colors: white, green, and blue. It's made out of plastic and is sturdy enough to store several pens and pencils.

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