You Can Add A Live Countdown Clock To Your Instagram Stories Now — Here's How

by Brittany Bennett

Tis the season for countdowns. From advent calendars to the year's most coveted countdown — you know the one, happening in the last ten seconds of the year — there's constant excitement. But no matter what you're counting down to, the anticipation is just as fun as the main event. Thanks to Instagram, now you can share the enthusiasm when you learn how to put a countdown on Instagram Stories. And because we're all tech geniuses at this point you'll pick it up in no time.

Looking forward to something can sometimes be so thrilling it makes your heart jump out of your chest. Whether it's a wedding or pizza night with best friends come Friday at 7pm, waiting has never been so great. In the process of looking forward to your event, you can celebrate the countdown. It's your very own social advent calendar. Even if the the finish line could be two hours or two days away, you can hype the end game one story at a time.

Even if your pizza party is three nights away, making your countdown can happen in three seconds. Get ready how to learn the ways of the Instagram Stories countdown feature in 3, 2, 1 ...

Make A Story


Easy as holiday pie, am I right? If you watch Instagram stories more than cable television, you're familiar with the platform. Take a picture or upload one from your photo library to begin your countdown. Counting down to when you're reunited with your besties? A video from the last time you got to spend a Saturday laughing over brunch would suffice!

Create Your Countdown


In the sticker tray, where you'll also find stickers like Questions and Poll, you'll see Countdown. Click on that and give your countdown an appropriate, witty title! Select the date — even if it's two years away — and customize the color of the sticker. Let's say you're getting married in 2020. Shade your countdown in the hue of your wedding colors! Once you're done setting up your countdown, the sticker will be added to your story.

Share Your Countdown Again and Again


The cool thing about the countdown sticker is that it's totally interactive. Because counting down is more fun with a group of people. Haven't you been to a New Year's Eve party?! Per Instagram, "Your friends can tap on your countdown to follow or share it to their own story; anyone who follows or shares your countdown will get a notification when the countdown ends." Everybody can sit on the edge of their seats awaiting the final seconds of your countdown.

Continue to use the countdown in new stories, when it makes sense or even when it doesn't, until time is up and your spectacular pizza party bestie reunion has finally arrived. Your entire world of Instagram followers will share in the excitement of your party after being invited on the emotional rollercoaster of waiting for it.


Get creative with your countdowns. Even if it's for something seemingly mundane — like 5pm on a Monday. It's all about celebrating the small victories along with the major milestones. In advance of New Year's Eve, Instagram Stories new countdown feature will get you in the spirit of counting down with gusto.