5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Remove Makeup, So You Can Ditch Cotton Pads & Save Cash
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Guille Faingold/Stocksy
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Many of us will remove makeup (particularly eye makeup) with cotton pads. They're super handy, can be used with any micellar water or other removing formula, and they're cheap. But unfortunately, they're not without their negatives, particularly when it comes to the environment. With this in mind, let's take a look at how to remove makeup without disposable cotton pads, including a range of eco-friendly options for all budgets.

While we all know cotton buds are bad due to their plastic stems (which are actually being banned from next year), it can seem unclear to some why cotton pads are also in the danger zone when it comes to the environment. Well, it's important to remember that not only do they usually come in plastic packaging when you buy them, they also are single-use, meaning every single one you use will end up in landfill.

What's more, they are made of cotton, which when made non-organically and in mass for things like cotton pads, can also have an impact. Producing non-organic cotton releases chemicals that can pollute the eco system, hence having another negative impact on our planet. With this in mind, I found five brilliant alternatives so you can say goodbye to those pesky single use cotton pads once and for all.

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