This Hack Lets You Schedule Apple Card Payments Based On Your Preferences

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Apple began selectively rolling out its much-anticipated credit card early August — and it'll become widely available to most iPhone users soon. If you already have your hands on the company's latest product and want to know more about how to schedule payments for your Apple Card, it turns out the process is pretty straightforward and customizable. You simply organize your payments through your phone's Wallet app in a way that matches your preferences.

As Apple Insider, an Apple news website, described, you can access payment options for your Apple Card via your phone by going to the Wallet app, and then selecting "Apple Card." If you'd like to schedule a reoccurring payment, you should then select "more," followed by "scheduled payments." As Apple Insider noted, the scheduled payments interface will allow you to either pay off your entire card balance every month on a date of your choosing or to select a specific amount that you want to pay toward your Apple Card balance each month.

Notably, as the outlet described, if you're choosing to pay a specific amount instead of the full balance each month, the interface also lets you see how much interest you will pay based on that amount. Apple Insider emphasized that you can set up (or change) these scheduled payments whenever you want — and having them in place doesn't prevent you from making a one-time payment on your card, if you'd like.

In addition to setting scheduled, reoccurring payments, Apple Card's Wallet app interface also allows you to make a one-time payment and schedule it for a later date — or for immediate processing, whatever you prefer. According to Apple, to make a one-time payment, you go to the Apple Card section of your Wallet app and select "pay." You'll then be asked to choose an amount you wish to pay, and you can either opt to pay this amount immediately or later. If you select the "pay later" option, you then simply choose the date on which you want your payment to be processed and then confirm the transaction.

As you can see, it's quite easy to schedule both one-time and reoccurring payments for your Apple Card from your iPhone. As you are planning your payments, it's important to keep in mind that, while Apple's credit card doesn't charge you for late payments made after their due date, it will charge you regular interest on any balance you carry over from one month to the next, Apple noted. Interest rates vary from person to person, so you should check your electronic card statement via your phone to see what your interest payments are, if applicable.

In addition to offering a straightforward payment interface, Apple's credit card also has several other noteworthy features. For example, as the company described on its website, you can earn a percentage of cash back for all of your purchases — with Apple products earning you the highest percentage of cash rewards. Moreover, if you need customer service support for your credit card, you can simply text your question to Apple and receive feedback 24/7.

If you don't already have an Apple Card and are interested in applying for one, you can do so through your phone as well. As MacRumors described, simply go to your Wallet app, select the plus sign, tap "Apple Card" and then fill out the required information to apply for the card.