How To See If Someone's Following You On Instagram, Using The Latest Update

How many times in your life have you tried to see if someone follows you on Instagram? Facebook is, of course, the ideal platform for stalking, but sometimes, you don't want to learn their entire life story. You just want to see if they like you enough to want to see your selfies and throwback Thursdays when they open Instagram first thing in the morning — the truest indication of respect there is.

It's always been possible to see your Instagram followers, but until recently, it took some finangling. First, you had to head to your profile to find your list of followers, then you had to scroll through hundreds (or maybe thousands, you popular fellow) of usernames in search of a specific person. Depending on how many people follow you, this could be a huge undertaking, and you always ran the risk of missing their name on the list. The alternative was even worse: You had to slog through their list of followers to see if your username made the cut. Basically, the situation was less than ideal.

With Instagram's latest update, though, figuring out if a specific person follows you just got a whole lot easier. According to Digital Spy, Instagram has quietly added a "follows you" section on users' profiles. If you navigate to their profile, it should be listed under their bio... provided they actually follow you.

Mark my words: As word gets out about the update, millions of relationships will be tested. Crushes will be validated. Friendships will be reevaluated. Gird your Insta-loins accordingly.

But before you get too excited, there's a catch: For now, it looks like the update is only available to Android users. Presumably, it will roll out to iOS users soon, but Instagram has not given an indication of when that will happen. (As of Tuesday, this iOS user has yet to see the update.)

The "follows you" button has been released with little fanfare, but that hasn't stopped everyone from performing some variation of throwing their hands up and thanking the Instagram gods for finally gifting us with the feature.

Some pointed out that users have been waiting on a "follows you" button for approximately eternity.

This is just one of several changes the app has made lately. In late August, Instagram Stories — the wildly popular feature cloned from Snapchat last year — expanded to the desktop version, so you can view them from the web as well as your phone. Instagram told Tech Crunch that in the coming months, users will be able to post Stories from the web as well, rather than just watching them. The app has also been testing Stories that last a week rather than just 24 hours.

More recently, Instagram released another change. In the past, videos have autoplayed with the sound off, but after an update rolled out on Friday, if you watch one with the sound on, the rest will automatically play with sound as well. They return to mute after you close the app or when you tap the video to turn the sound back off.

Meanwhile, Instagram appears to be testing a change to the traditional three-across photo grid. Since last Thursday, numerous users have tweeted that their grids changed to four-across photos instead. It's possible that the changes were the result of a glitch, but this isn't the first time Instagram has tested new features with random users.

Like all social media apps, Instagram has to change with the times — although I think we can all agree it's long past time they introduced the "follows you" button.