How To See Your Facebook Friends Day Video


If you use Facebook, you already know how many fun ways the website offers to connect us with friends and family. Today, example, Facebook is displaying Facebook Friends Day Videos that take us back through our virtual journeys with friends over the past year. If you've been wondering exactly how to see your Facebook Friends Day video for 2017, I have good news: It's super easy. I promise.

Although the actual Friends Day holiday generally happens on Aug. 6, Facebook has in recent years celebrated its own version in early Feb. Last year, for example, Facebook celebrated Friends Day on Feb. 4. Feb. 4 is Facebook's birthday — the social network launched on Feb. 4, 2004 — which means that this year is Facebook's 13th birthday. It's not totally clear why the Friends Day videos went live prior to Feb. 4 this year (they appear to have begun appearing on Feb. 2), but they do seem to be in celebration of Facebook's birthday as usual: Reads the Friends Day Facebook page, “We’re celebrating friendship on Facebook’s 13th birthday, so we made you this video about you and your friends."

But, if you haven't seen it yet, how do you view your Facebook Friends Day Video? Follow the steps below and you are all set!


Log Into Your Facebook Account

This might be obvious, but: You do need an active Facebook profile to view or share your video.


View Your Newsfeed

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Many people are seeing their video pop up by simply viewing their Facebook newsfeed. Right under the spot where you can type a status, you may see the video pop up with a suggestion to edit, view, or share it.

If you don't see it in your newsfeed, though, proceed to the next step.


Go To The Direct Link

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Since the video does not always appear in your newsfeed, you can also view it by going directly to the Friends Day Facebook page.


Edit Your Video

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You can "share" your video directly as is, but you can also edit it and select your images, friends, and so on.


Share Your Video

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When you share your video, you can choose your audience (friends only, public, entirely private to you, etc). You can also caption it, tag people, and so on and so forth.

Happy Friends Day!