This Secret URL Lets You See Your Entire Facebook Relationship History

Obradovic/E+/Getty Images

Do you remember when making it "Facebook official" with your boo meant things were super serious? According to a 2015 BuzzFeed News poll, over 50% of respondents said they'd consider changing their status to "in a relationship" on Facebook if they were dating. If you were one of those people, and you're still going strong with your S.O., you can see your Facebook dating history right on the site where it became official.

Checking your Facebook dating history, although not very intuitive, is actually super easy. If you're "in a relationship" with someone on Facebook (and yes, being "married to" or "engaged to" someone counts too!) the site lets you see all of your shared pictures and posts in one place in a super cute and mushy timeline of your love. The catch is, it's hard to find the timeline by clicking through your Facebook account. The best way to look at your relationship history is actually by visiting the website:

All this being said, you're not limited to revisiting timelines of romantic relationships only. The company has also allowed users to look back at their history with certain Facebook friends for quite some time now. In a feature you probably know as "See Friendship," you have the ability to see the history of posts and pictures between you and any one of your Facebook friends.

You can check out this Facebook feature by going to one of your friend's profiles and clicking on the menu represented by three dots in a horizontal row next to the Message button. Once you click that, you should be able to see the "See Friendship" option. And in the same way you got to see a timeline of your romantic relationship, Facebook will show you the best moments between you and your friends. You can also see your friendship history by visiting:[YourFacebookID]/[YourFriend'sFacebookID]. Remember that your Facebook ID is the username that appears in the html of your profile after ""

Though the dating history and "See Friendship" options are extremely similar, I do have to say that the dating history seems much more extensive. While your friendship history with someone will mostly show the main highlights and posts that got the most interaction, your Facebook dating history seems to have every public interaction you've ever had with your Facebook partner. Because I made my account in middle school and Facebook married my best friend (and we're still going strong), I get to see a timeline of cringe-worthy exchanges between two 15 year olds. But if you made it Facebook official with the love of your life, this is just another way to look back on all the cute moments you shared.