How To See Your Old Instagram Stories For A Trip Down Memory Lane

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Instagram Stories have been around since August 2016. That means that for more than three years, millions of active Instagram Stories users have been able to document their day in small glimpses on their profiles. And while these "small glimpses" only last for a few seconds before they disappear to your followers forever, they don't disappear for you. In fact, starting in 2017, the app made it so that you can see all of your old Instagram Stories in your Archive, letting you keep your favorite memories with you at all times.

Your Archive is the mysterious place where all of your old Instagram Stories and "Archived Posts" go to live, and it's pretty simple to access. To get to your Archive, go to your Instagram profile on your mobile app. Then, access the Menu by tapping the three horizontal lines in the upper righthand corner of your screen. In the list of options that come up after tapping this, you should see your Archive listed as the second one, right underneath Settings. Tap it. This should bring you to a screen filled with all of the Stories you thought were once lost to the Great Beyond. If you're only seeing all of your Archived Posts, just click on the word Archive with a downward arrow at the top of the screen and select Stories instead. And then all you have to do is enjoy your trip down memory lane.

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If you're a firm believer that Stories are better off as fleeting, you can stop your Instagram from saving Stories on your Archive by going to the settings of your Archive. You can access this by tapping the three dots at the top right corner of your Archive screen and hitting Settings. This'll give you the option of switching the Save to Archive feature on and off.

But if you do like keeping your old Stories and want to go through them, you can do this simply by scrolling through your Instagram Archive. While you scroll, you'll notice that Instagram will show you a tab on the side labeled with the month and year of when you posted the Story. You can use this to get to certain dates faster. This is similar to the way you can sort through your old Snapchat Stories.

One of the cool things about your Archive is that while you're the only person who can see your Stories, you have the ability to share those memories onto your Story again. All you have to do is tap on the Story you want to share, and click on the Share icon at the bottom right of the screen. Your old Story will show up in the screen that prompts you to post a new Story, but it will be labeled with the word "Memories" along with the date from when the Story is from. You can delete the date at the bottom if you'd like just by tapping it and dragging it into the trash icon. With or without the date, you can post your old Story right back up.

Whether you're feeling super sentimental or just want to remember what outfit you wore last Christmas, Instagram's Archive has got you covered.