How To Send Offline Messages On WhatsApp

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There are few things more frustrating than when you're trying to send a text message on the subway and the text won't go through because there's no solid connection. But now, thanks to a new update on the mobile application WhatsApp, you can learn how to send offline messages on WhatsApp without having to worry about losing your text. WhatsApp released the new offline messaging feature for iOS devices on Tuesday, Jan. 23, which means you can start sending messages offline as soon as, well, now. Yes, those of you who use WhatsApp on an Android device have already been able to take advantage of this feature since last summer — but why not celebrate that your iPhone using pals will now be able to do the same? Everybody wins!

For those who have friends, relatives, or other connections overseas, WhatsApp is a popular app; it allows you to easily keep in touch with people around the world by sending and receiving texts and phone calls with the touch of a button, totally free — no international data plans required. Before this new feature, however, you couldn't send a text without having a proper connection. The text simply wouldn't send to the other person; rather, it just sat in your message box like a letter that hasn't yet been sealed up in an envelope.

As an avid user of WhatsApp, WeChat, and other similar messaging apps, I always find it frustrating when I can't send a message just because I'm en route to work underground without a connection. I can't tell you how many times I've written out important, lengthy responses — only to have them all disappear or end up accidentally deleted because I minimized WhatsApp for too long until I was above ground again. (Who's with me on this one? I can't be the only one here.)

It's worth noting, though, that the new feature doesn't really send when there's no connection; what it does do, though, is queue up your message for sending. Then, once your phone has service again, the message will send automatically.

For the curious, here's what your message in WhatsApp should look like once it's been delivered while you've got a connection:

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As you can see, a green check mark will appear beside your message, indicating that the message has been successfully sent to the receiver.

But what if you don't have a connection? Let's say you're on an airplane and your phone is on airplane mode — but you just remembered that a relative sent you an important message before the flight and you don't want to forget to reply. What happens then?

I'll break it down for you. Here's how to send a message in WhatsApp even when you're offline.


Type Your Message In The Desired WhatsApp Conversation

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Start as you usually would when sending a message in WhatsApp by typing your message into the text box. Before the new feature came out, the little paper airplane button would remain grey, indicating that you had a poor connection and couldn't send the message. But now, see here: The paper airplane button is blue! That means you don't have to worry about losing your message.


Tap The Blue Airplane Button

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Ta-da! Since you don't have a strong enough connection, your message doesn't automatically go through. But instead of a green check mark indicating that your message was sent, you'll notice a teeny tiny clock in the same spot instead. That means your exact message will send once you've got a connection again. Awesome, right?


Monitor The Delivery Process

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Here's another cool thing: If you swipe right on your message, you can actually check to see which of your texts have gone through to the receiver and which are still on the way to being delivered (not to mention which ones have been read, as well).

Easy peasy, right? Happy texting!