How To Sleep Better When It's Hot, Because The Struggle Is Real


The UK is in full heatwave mode and everything is feeling positively Mediterranean. However, one of the few problems with this glorious sunshine is the issue of sleeping. It's just not very easy to sleep in the heat. Especially in the UK, where we're often far from prepared when it comes to hot weather. So if you're finding yourself tossing and turning, and growing ever more frustrated as you try to get some much needed shut-eye, here is how to sleep better in the heat.

If anyone's an expert in how to get some decent sleep, it is very likely to be people who are in the business of mattresses. And the mattress brand Tempur has released some insider information. "High temperatures and still air at night can be torturous when we’re trying to get to sleep," Tobin James, Tempur UK managing director, says. "It’s important to prepare and condition the sleeping environment as well as make adjustments to our lifestyle or routines in order to beat the heat."

According to sleep expert Dr. Alex Bartle, and the person behind the Sleep Well Clinic, it is all down to melatonin — which is the hormone that regulates sleep. Speaking to Stuff website, he explained it does this by dropping your core body temperature, and is usually produced between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. However, this process is halted when your body temperature is too high. Sleep-Wake Research Centre fellow Karyn O'Keefe added that "when it is too hot, it is difficult for us to cool our bodies which can interrupt the relaxation process and make it difficult for us to fall asleep."

So if you don't want your melatonin production to get more sleep than you do, try these top tips.