How To Spend St. Patrick's Day At Home

by Kiersten Hickman

Although some may tell you that the only way to spend St. Patrick’s Day is to get trashed in a pub, I’m here to tell you otherwise. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your desire to stay home, wear your favorite chunky green sweater, and sip on a Guinness right at home. Plus, there’s so many other ways to spend St. Patrick’s Day at home that you’re probably not even thinking of.

First, make some traditional Irish food. Start the day off with a buttery loaf of Irish Soda Bread, and finish it with Corned Beef (the recipe I found is super easy to make in the slow cooker!) and Shamrock Shake inspired cupcakes. If you're of legal drinking age, you can even get creative with your booze at home — after all, in a pub or a bar, the prices are probably higher than you would have liked.

On top of that food and drink, there’s a few activities that you could also do by yourself that don’t require a huge crowd. However, you could also make it a huge crowd by inviting some of your besties over to sip on a Guinness with you. To me, that sounds way more fun than a sweaty pub anyways…

So if you’re a fan of staying home and enjoying a St. Patrick’s Day in, here’s a few things to do:

Bake Irish Soda Bread

Start off your St. Patrick’s Day with this Irish Soda Bread made by the Kitchn. Or, you could even step it up a notch with this Irish Soda Bread French Toast Whiskey Syrup Whipped Cream recipe by How Sweet Eats!

Make Green Desserts

After baking an Irish Soda Bread, why not keep baking and make these delicious looking Shamrock Shake Cupcakes by Brown Eyed Baker to enjoy later?


Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do on St. Patrick’s Day? If you’re in need of some St. Patrick’s Day inspired booze, flip through this list of St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail Ideas!

Read Irish Authors

If you’re a total bookworm and would prefer an Irish coffee in bed with a good book, then pick one out from this list of books written by Irish authors.

Binge St. Patrick’s Day-Themed Episodes Of Your Fave Shows

Recap some of your favorite television shows and their St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Corned Beef For Dinner

This Crock-Pot corned beef dinner recipe by Damn Delicious is the perfect authentic Irish dinner to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day right at home!

Or, Only Eat Green Foods

Vegetables may be green, but you know what else is? Shamrock shakes.

Listen To Celtic Music

Jam out to some celtic tunes — or just a simple bagpipe song — throughout the day in your home.

Wear Green...Or Blue?

Did you know that the official color for St. Patrick is actually blue? Wearing green is a given for St. Patrick’s Day, but if you want to get in the true St. Patrick spirit, be a rebel and wear blue.

Plan A Quick Celebration With Your Squad

But if you’re really feeling like avoiding the outdoor world and staying home, then have the party come to you. Invite your favorite people over for the evening, make some fun cocktails, and watch a movie together. That’s most likely what I’ll be doing!