How To Stop Negative Self-Talk, According To Experts

Miss. Maneerat junlobun for Bustle

Everyone has an inner critic. It's that little voice in your head that told you not to buy that dress because the color just didn't look right on you, even though you actually looked bangin' in it. Or that voice that said not to apply for that job because there's no way you'd ever get called for an interview, even though you knew you were fully qualified for it. But, for some people, that inner critic can get overwhelmingly loud, becoming a cycle of negative self-talk that can cause a significant amount of stress and anxiety.

Self-talk is the unspoken thoughts in your head, and a lot of the time self-talk is happening automatically without you knowing it, according to Mayo clinic. When self-talk becomes more negative than positive, that can really affect your health, says Mayo Clinic, increasing your likelihood for depression and stress. Negative self-talk can take on a lot of forms, but the themes are typically the same: the thoughts limit a person's ability to make positive changes in their life, according to VeryWellMind. But there are a lot of ways to stop negative self-talk so you can form more positive thought patterns so you have a healthier relationship with that inner critic. Here are 11 tricks from experts to stop negative self-talk in its tracks.