You Can Watch The 2018 Golden Globes Even Without A TV

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

A new year means a new awards season. And the battle between Hollywood hitmakers and the season’s hottest films and TV shows officially kicks off with the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 7. Who’ll take top honors and walk away with a engraved gold trophy? It’s anybody’s game. And with Seth Meyers hosting and a plethora of celebrities set to attend, it will be a must-see show. If you can’t tune into the big event by TV, there’s a few ways to stream the 2018 Golden Globes, so you won't miss who wins Best Picture for a musical or comedy — I, Tonya (executive producer: Zanne Devine) or Lady Bird (director and writer: Greta Gerwig), or something else entirely.

First up for streaming is NBC. As the official broadcaster of the awards show, live streaming of the pre-show red carpet, filled with celeb sightings and jaw-dropping fashion moments where actresses reportedly plan to wear all black, will be possible on NBC's website. Although, you'll need a friend, co-worker, or friendly barista to slide you their service provider login in order for this to work. Afterwards, you can keep the party going and watch the big event when Meyers takes the stage for the actual ceremony. No computer? No problem. For those with a mobile device, the live app allows you to watch NBC in real time also, as long as you have a cable login.

But if you’re planning to keep up with the winners via Twitter commentary and GIFs, and are only interested in tuning in to the pre-show, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has got you covered. The HFPA Presents: Globes Red Carpet Live will stream on Facebook starting at 6pm EST on Jan. 7, according to Deadline.

Standouts in the running for Golden Globes on the film side of things this year include The Shape of Water (screenplay: Vanessa Taylor), with seven nominations; The Post (producer: Kristie Macosko Krieger) with six nominations; and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (executive producer: Rose Garnett) that also has six nominations. Right behind that is the critically-acclaimed, coming-of-age film Lady Bird (producer: Evelyn O'Neill) with four nominations.

On the TV side HBO’s Big Little Lies (producer: Barbara A. Hall) leads the pack with six nominations, including a Best Actress in a Limited Series nod for Nicole Kidman. But it’s up against a slate of other standout shows, including The Handmaid's Tale (executive producer: Ilene Chaiken), This Is Us (makeup: Zoe Hay), Master of None (editor: Jennifer Lilly), Stranger Things (casting: Carmen Cuba), and The Crown (executive producer: Suzanne Mackie)

Known for being the most fun awards show of them all — compared to the Academy Awards that is — the Golden Globes is no stranger to offering up hilarious moments the internet is talking about for days. From Stranger Things’ Barb rising from the dead in the opening number to Donald Glover’s Migos shoutout, the 2017 Golden Globes had plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

This kind of excitement is exactly why Meyers is pumped to host the 75th Annual Golden Globe awards. "What I like about this show, what makes me excited about doing it, is that it's the loosest awards show, so it's fun to keep an eye out for things you can reference through the evening," Meyers told The Los Angeles Times. Although, Meyers is cognizant of everything that's happening in Hollywood and America right now, and plans to address those issues as best as he can with humor.

“Hollywood has a lot to ask itself this year, and so we need to address that and try to find the right tone — do that in a way that doesn’t also take away from all the great work that was done this year,” Meyers said in an interview with Vanity Fair. “For as bad as the stories we’ve heard have been — and they’ve been really bad — I feel like there’s this chance, and this idea, that there’s this moment of empowerment happening, and maybe this course of history is going to change. Hopefully we can talk about it in a way that is not just drawing attention to what was a huge bummer, but rather what this moment means going forward.”

With glam fashion moments, tweet-worthy jokes, and tear-jerking acceptance speeches right around the corner, this is one award show you won't want to miss. The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards airs Sunday, Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC — or a computer or tablet near you.

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