You’ll Be Able To Watch Key Moments From The Winter Olympics Live On Snapchat — Here’s How

Winter is coming... well, the 2018 Winter Olympics are coming, that is. Beginning at the bright and early hour of 6 a.m. ET this Friday, the 2018 Winter Games' Opening Ceremony will be held at the new PyeongChang Olympic Stadium in South Korea, and will be streamed to devout (and yawning, probably) fans over here in the U.S. However, there are now a few places you'll be able to view the 2018 Winter Olympics in all their winter glory: Snapchat has officially partnered with NBC Olympics to cover the winter games, and is introducing a new "live feature" to give Snap viewers a real time look at "key moments" during the Games by directly streaming NBC’s live broadcast into Snapchat’s Discover page. So, if you're looking for a little more info on how to stream the 2018 Winter Olympics on Snapchat read on.

The collaboration, which marks NBC's first TV partner with Snapchat's, is in an effort to give users the opportunity to watch the can't-miss moments from the games while they're on the go, directly from their phone. According to a statement made by Snap Inc's vice president of partnerships Ben Schwerin: "We do believe that the best place to watch a live game and a live awards show is on television. But if we can show the one moment that matters most on Snapchat, we think we can create a complementary experience."

Here's the play-by-play about what you can expect, and how you can stream the Olympics on Snapchat:

Creative Tools

Available in the app starting Feb. 9, creative tools — including Olympics-themed augmented reality Lenses, Filters, and Stickers, can be added to your Snaps. In addition, as part of Snap’s partnership with the Olympic Channel, Snapchatters will have access to several exclusive creative tools including:

  • A Lens that will allow users to appear as if they're present at the Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
  • A Lens featuring the 2018 Winter Olympics mascot, Soohorang
  • New stickers featuring Soohorang


Available in Snapchat Discover starting on Feb. 10, Snapchat Live will be the go-to place for Snapchatters to gain a real time look at key moments during the Games. Here's how: As the app will directly stream pivotal moments from NBC’s live broadcast into Snapchat’s Discover page, Snapchatters can expect, according to a press release from the app, "one pivotal moment from NBC’s primetime broadcast to be live in Snapchat each day, and can sign up for notifications in Snapchat."

Olympic Context Cards

This one's pretty cool. Available in Snapchat's "Olympic Our Stories" thread starting Feb. 9, Context Cards will give Snapchat users more info about the games, the athletes competing, and even the city around the Olympic stadium in South Korea. The main draw for the Context Cards are that they will display a schedule of the Games too, which will users to keep track of all country's and individual athletes’ earned medals, read news coverage of the Games, check the local weather, watch additional Stories related to the Pyeongchang 2018.

Our Stories

Featuring a series of Snaps submitted by the public throughout the day on “Our Story,” the Olympics-themed "Our Stories" will be curated by teams of editors at Snapchat, and will give Snapchatters a behind-the-scenes look at the Games and life in the Olympic Village.

Publisher Stories

Available every day in Snapchat Discover, Publisher Stories are editions of magazine-inspired content produced exclusively for Snapchat by leading media companies. For this year’s Games, Buzzfeed will be producing daily Publisher Stories for NBC, and users will be able to keep up with them directly from their app.

The 2018 Winter Olympics run from Feb. 9 through Feb. 25.