How I Use One Brow Product To Create Multiple Looks

Brows can be a tricky business. From figuring out what shape you want them to look like to actually executing that look, filling your brows can be more stressful than it should be. And I haven’t even gotten to talking about the multitude of brow products that exist to complicate the process even more. Benefit hopes to make your regimen a little easier with its brand new tool, the Brow Styler, that’s both multitasking and can create multiple brow shapes, all in one.

The Brow Styler is a dual 2-in-1 tool that has a wax pencil on one side and a loose-filling powder on the other. The wax pencil is similar to Benefit’s goof proof eyebrow pencil product, but with an even longer, 18-hour wear, waterproof formula that can be used to sculpt and shape your brows. The loose-filling powder is cushiony and buildable and comes with a soft angled tip, so you can create a natural-looking brow, but with more precision than other brow powder applicators. Also, the powder formula adheres to your brow hairs and the oils in your skin, so there's no fallout.

According to Jared Bailey, Benefit’s Global Brow Expert, you should first use the pencil side to fill and define your brows and follow it with the powder on top. Of course, that’s merely a suggestion — you can use each side by itself, or use the powder side first. Whatever you feel like works best for your brow mood!

Because there are so many different ways you can use the tool, there are multiple brow styles that you can create. Three different brows with just one product? If you’re skeptical, you’re not alone. I was too. For this reason, I decided to embark on an experiment to see whether or not the Benefit Brow Styler could really live up to its multitasking abilities. During a recent trip to Tokyo with the brand, I set out to create three different brow styles to match three different outfit vibes (with the help of Bailey). Here's how it turned out.

1. Soft & Full

Gabrielle Mob/Benefit Cosmetics

For my first brow look, Bailey and I decided to go soft and full. He only used one side of the tool to create this look — the powder side. Using the cushioned angle tip applicator, he applied the loose filling powder onto my brows, following their natural shape. This look felt appropriate for a daytime party at the Kawaii Monster Cafe. I matched the natural brow look with a pink cardigan sweater from Tach, a pair of light wash jeans from Paige, and Nike Air Force 1 Sage Lows.

2. Clean & Shaped

Gabrielle Mob/Benefit Cosmetics

On the second day of the trip, we were headed to do some sightseeing around the city. I wanted to wear something a little more comfortable since I anticipated we'd be walking a lot, so I threw on a bike shorts and sports bra set from Girlfriend Collective, an oversized denim jacket from Levi's, and a pair of Nike Air Max 270s. Bailey suggested I keep my brows clean and shaped, so it wouldn't overpower my sporty outfit and match my laid-back style. To do this, he used the waterproof wax pencil side to gently create light hair-like strokes, again following my brow shape. He filled in spots where I didn't have as much hair to create a neat, but natural shape.

3. Bold & Defined

Gabrielle Mob/Benefit Cosmetics

There was a neon-themed dinner party on the last night and I wanted my brows to match the glam festivities. Bailey suggested I go bold and defined, which meant we were going to use both sides of the Brow Styler. First, he applied the waterproof wax pencil to create hair-like strokes and then after lightly combing through the brows with a spoolie brush, he applied the loose-filling powder on top. This resulted in a striking brow shape that came to party. I paired my fabulous, defined brows with a colorful silk cheongsam style dress from Kim Shui and metallic light pink heels.

If you're looking for a single brow product that can do it all, the Brow Styler is a great tool to invest it. Not only can it create multiple looks (as proven above), but it's also super easy to use, making it a great product for both brow newbies and experts. The only other tool you should consider using along with it is a brow brush with a spoolie, to ensure that the product is evenly distributed across your brows and to soften any harsh strokes. Other than that, the brow possibilities are endless! And the next time you're stumped on what brow look you should go for, try looking to your #OOTD for some inspiration.