Snapchat’s New Flashback Story Feature Will Let You Relive Your Best Snaps

by Alli Hoff Kosik
Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You're, like, an amazing Snapchatter. People know you for it. Some of your Snaps have been truly legendary, and your friends still talk about your hilarious on-the-spot coverage of that one bachelorette party. Even your mom was a fan of the way you filmed every last minute of the family vacation to the Grand Canyon a few years ago! If you have this kind of reputation, it's no wonder that you might find yourself with an occasional wistful wish to bring back an especially popular — or simply awesome — Snap from days gone by. The game is about to be changed, though, because you're going to learn how to use Flashback Stories on Snapchat so you can easily resurface your favorite content.

On Jun. 13, Snapchat introduced Flashback Stories as an extension of Snapchat Memories, which launched in the summer of 2016, according to a press release from the company. If you're not an avid Memories users, here's a quick refresher (which will be helpful context as we explain this latest rollout): the feature basically allows you to capture the moments that you've documented via Snapchat for review later on. According to the press release, Memories has become one of the app's most popular functions in the two years since its launch.

Flashback Stories will give you the chance to take your Snapchat history one step further than Memories. You'll be able to pull photos and videos that you've taken on the same day of a different year (think Facebook's "On This Day" feature). If you've held on to that content via Memories, it will automatically be generated as a Flashback Story so that others can share in the thrill of giving new life to an older photo or video.


Here's how you can access your Flashback Story:

Find The Memories Menu

Open your handy Snapchat app, then access your Memories by swiping up or tapping on the Memories icon located below the in-app capture button.

Check For Flashback Stories

If there's a Flashback Story available for you on any given day, it will show up at the top of this Memories screen. If you don't see an image with a message like "One Year Ago, Today," it means that you don't have any content saved for that day. There's no extra hunting required, which makes it really easy to interact with this new feature.

Watch And Enjoy

Obviously, your next step should be to go ahead and enjoy that content! Just because you've been using the Memories functionality on Snapchat to save photos and videos doesn't mean that you're actively checking on what you've been saving, so you may be surprised by what you've been hanging on to for all this time!


You can edit a Flashback Story just as you would any other Snap! Add text and filters, or draw some fun doodles with the pen tool. Using Snapchat's fun editing tools is a great way to put a new spin on old content so that it feels like a new viewing experience for your followers!


You can save the updated Flashback Story all over again! Do this if you're especially proud of the edits, or if you just want to increase the odds that you stumble upon the same photo or video again in the future.


It wouldn't be Snapchat if you couldn't send the Flashback Story directly to your friends and family! The photos or videos you have saved will automatically be generated to your Flashback Story, but you can send the individual components to specific Snapchat users as well.

Have fun reliving all of your favorite Snapchat memories... automatically.