How To Find Snapchat’s New Store So You Can Finally Own A Dancing Hot Dog Plushie

Snap Inc.

On Feb. 1, Snapchat released a brand new feature that already has everyone talking: the Snap Store, which allows you to buy fun Snapchat merchandise right off of the app itself. The items are surprisingly adorable (a dancing hot dog plushie! Who doesn't need that in their lives, you know?!), and they're also limited edition. According to Snapchat, items can disappear at any time, meaning that if you really love something, you need to buy it ASAP. Which is fine, but, uh, what if you have no idea how to purchase the item? Here's exactly how to find the Snap Store on Snapchat.

The directions for how to access the Snap Store might make you feel a little bit like you're a secret spy uncovering some sort of classified documents rather than accessing the new Snapchat store feature — but that only adds to the coolness of it. It's sort of ~secret~, and it's only that way because accessing the Snap Store is not as easy as opening up the app and seeing something like a "Store" tab that you can click on. Instead, there's a code you have to scan and everything — and once you do, only then will you be granted access to the Snap Store and all of its items (yes, including the Dancing Hot Dog Plushie and the Snap ghost sweatshirt).

The good news is that once you access the store — complete your super spy mission, in a sense — everything is pretty simple in terms of purchasing what you want to purchase. You just have to get to that point first. So if you have no idea how to do that, read on. Important note: If you haven't updated the Snapchat app in a while, you might want to try doing that before proceeding. If that doesn't work for you, try restarting your phone. Otherwise, you should be good to go!

First, Go To The Snap Store Website

In order to access the Snap Store, you have to first scan a Snap code — and a specific one, at that. You can find the Snap code on the Snap Store website: So, go to the site located here, and you'll see the Snap code staring right at you.

Open Snapchat

Once you see the code on your computer screen, you need to open the Snapchat app on your phone. Keep the website open while you open the app.

Scan The Snapcode

Now you need to scan the Snapcode. With the app open, put your phone in front of the image of the Snapcode as if you were going to take a picture of it. Make sure it fills the whole screen without getting cut off at all. Once it's there, hold your finger over it on the screen. Once it recognizes the code (which should happen fairly quickly), an option will come up that will allow you to get into the Snap Store.

Alternatively, you can use the Snap code embedded above to do this — it's the same code as the one on the Snapchat website, and it'll lead to the same Snap Store as that one does.

Scroll Through And Shop

Once you click into the Snap Store, you'll have the option to tap through the different items available for purchase. Right now, there are five items you can buy, but as I said, more will be added, and items will vary week to week.

When you find an item you want, click it, and the above image will pop up. Once you hit "add to bag," you can start the checking out process.

Happy shopping!