How To Make The Most Of Instagram Shop This Cyber Monday

by Caroline Burke
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November is finally here, and with that comes expectations of winter weather for most, holiday celebrations for some, and discounted shopping madness for pretty much everyone. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become such big events that they're practically holidays, themselves. And if you want to reap the benefits without actually leaving your couch, learning how to use Instagram shop for Cyber Monday is a very useful hack.

There are two central ways to take advantage of all that Instagram has to offer for the ambitious shopper. First, there's the Instagram shopping feature, which allows you to buy products straight from a post as long as you're using the iOS or Android app. Then there's Instagram's "Shop" account, which highlights various accounts on Instagram that you might want to know about or buy products from.

Using Instagram to snag Cyber Monday deals is super easy. First, look to see if an Instagram post has the shopping feature — it's a little white shopping bag icon at the bottom of the picture (as seen in the image below). If that's there, tap on the photo and you'll see product information pop up. And if you click on that information, then you'll either receive the option to purchase the product within Instagram, or you'll be redirected to the brand site to purchase the product.

You might notice the Instagram shopping feature when you're scrolling through your own feed and not necessarily searching for any product in particular. But you can also just cut to the chase and go to your favorite brands' Instagram accounts. Chances are they'll have the shopping feature available to you there as well.

Caroline Burke

The Shop account is another great tool to keep in mind when you want to buy things on the Instagram app. It's a normal Instagram account, but it highlights different brands, entrepreneurs, and companies that you might not know about.

Choosing to follow this account means that you'll be kept up to date on the latest products available through Instagram that you might have missed otherwise. Plus, since it's an account, it integrates seamlessly into your normal feed experience.

If you plan to do most of your holiday shopping on Instagram, you have the option of setting a reminder for a product launch, according to the social media platform. All you have to do is tap the product launch sticker in a brand's story (they do have to post the sticker for you to be able to set the reminder) and you'll be notified when the product actually goes on sale.


Regardless of whether you love Cyber Monday or can't stand it, it's always beneficial to know how to keep up to date with your favorite brands and companies, and Instagram makes it a little easier. If you're looking for more predictions, information, and details on the upcoming sales, you can check out this breakdown on Cyber Monday 2019.

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