Instagram Just Launched A New Video Chat Feature & It's A Total Game-Changer


As if we weren't already obsessed with Instagram, the company is rolling out an update with a special function that's definitely going to do the trick. On Tuesday, Instagram introduced a new feature that allows users to make direct video calls to their friends on the app. You'll want to know how to use Instagram video chat because it's going to be your new favorite way to connect with your friends and followers. It simplifies the gathering of friends to a single click.

The video chat feature allows you to chat either one-on-one or with a group of up to four users via your direct message inbox. If you're wondering how you'll use this feature and how it will immediately enrich your life, I'll give you a perfect example: this weekend, my friends and I were trying to coordinate a picnic at a big park. We couldn't find each other and kept sending pictures of landmarks, but with four of us all walking in different directions and trying to text at the same time, we weren't getting anywhere. If we had Instagram video chat, we could have queued up a group video call. From the video call, we could have all talked at the same time, shown each other where we were exactly, and I'm fairly sure we would have all found each other much faster. Instagram video chat is basically the conference call of the future, and it's going to be the fastest way to rally your friends for a gossip session, an outfit advice session, or even just a sitting silently on video chat with your besties session. I can't wait to come up with even more reasons to rally the troops on Instagram video chat.

Here's how you'll be able use it, once it becomes available to you.

Check For Updates

As per usual, Instagram updates take a few days to roll out to everyone. So be patient as it trickles down to you. Check the app store for updates if you don't automatically see the new feature on Tuesday. You might have to manually update if you don't already have automatic updates set up.

Head To Your Direct Inbox


Video chat lives in the same places as your DMs. In the same thread that you talk to your friends in via text, you can start a video call. Just head to the upper right side of the screen and tap the little video icon. Yes, it's really that simple.

Call A Friend, Or Three


This process will feel really intuitive because it's similar to the way you'd make a video call via FaceTime. Call one friend, or add up to three more friends to the call — all from this screen. You can flip the screen around to use the rear-view camera if you're feeling shy, and you can mute the call when needed, just as you would with a phone call.

Start Chatting


The screen will be equally divided by the number of people are in your call, but because the video chat feature is in full screen mode, it's still easy to see everyone at the same time. Even when you minimize the call screen, you can still see your friends.



Just because you're using the video chat feature, doesn't mean you have to stop what you're doing. You can still Instagram as you normally would; check your feed, look at messages, send images, and like pictures, all while staying on your call. The video call will minimize and move to the bottom of your screen so that you can keep the conversation going while doing your own thing.