How To Use Snapchat's New Pride Emoji Brush

There's no "correct" way to celebrate Pride Month, but if I'm being honest, it usually involves a bunch of rainbows. This year, a certain social media giant has put out an update to help you achieve the admirable goal of plastering the colors of the pride flag on every available surface. Fortunately, learning how to use Snapchat's pride emoji brush is just about as easy as everything else the app puts out, so by the time you reach the end of this article, you'll be a master of the pride-themed Snapsterpiece.

This week, Snapchat has put out several new features to help users deck out their photos with LGBTQ pride. First, there's the update to the emoji brush, a tool released just last month. The brush allows you to "draw" with certain emojis, leaving a line of the tiny icons behind your finger. In honor of Pride Month, Snapchat has added a pride section to the tool, so you can draw with emojis like the rainbow flag, two women kissing, or colorful hearts. According to Refinery 29, Snapchat has also added 14 pride-themed Bitmojis and Stickers, and it will release new geofilters every weekend in June. If you're unable to travel anywhere for the festivities, you can always enjoy them through Snapchat Stories, which will be curating photos and video from celebrations around the world.

But enough talk — here's how to decorate your Snaps to support LGBTQ pride this month.


Tap The Pen Icon

Claire Warner/Bustle

As always, make sure you have the latest version of Snapchat beforehand. (You can find a guide to updating the app here.) Once you've taken your photo, tap on the pen icon in the top right corner of the screen.


Find The Pride Flag

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This pulls up a gradient of pen colors. Below that you'll find the pride flag, which I've pointed out in the photo above.


Choose Your Emoji

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Selecting the pride flag will bring up a range of LGBTQ-themed emojis to choose from, including hearts and same-sex couples. Once you've picked yours, press on the emoji to set it as your virtual paintbrush.


Decorate To Your Fabulous Heart's Content

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Now that you've chosen your emoji, all that's left is to decorate your photo! You aren't restricted to just one choice; to switch between emojis, just tap on the next one from the menu on the right side. When you're proud of your Pride-themed creation, send it to your friends who could use a dash of color in their days — so basically, send it to everyone.