How To Use The Magic Eraser On Snapchat

by Kaitlyn Wylde

There are a whole new set of Snapchat updates that are being rolled out this week, but there's one in particular that's seriously going to enhance the way you snap. You're going to want to know how to use the Magic Eraser on Snapchat, because it's going to be your new best friend on Snapchat. The tool allows you to completely remove something from your picture, with the swipe of a finger. No extensive photo editing skills are required to master this new tool — you can officially be a photo wizard on the go.

You know when you take that picture that would be totally perfect if just one thing was out of frame? You try to crop it, you try to cover it with emojis or text or doodles, but it ends up ruining the snap? Now, with the magic eraser, you can easily get rid of whatever you want without making your picture look weird or too doctored.

All you have to do is hit the scissors icon, followed by the stars icon, and then you can "paint" over the image you want removed and Snapchat will take care of the technical stuff needed to make it look natural, normal, and fill in the space where the object was with a seamless background. The days of the photobomb are no more, thanks to the magic eraser, there will never be an unwanted person in the frame again.

This new tool is so easy to use, it's probably going to make a lot of users wish they had access to it before. I mean really, think about all the times you posted a picture you weren't totally happy with or worse, think about all the times that you didn't post a picture because there was a stranger walking through the frame, or a bird, or some piece of visible personal information. If only we had this magic erase tool in high school, back when we really needed it!

Alas, it's here now. And no doubt, we'll get a lot of use out of it, enough to make up for all the years we managed to get by without it. Here's how to use the tool, step by step:

Take A Picture

Just as you would typically take a picture, nothing new here.

Select The Tool

Here, you'll tap the scissors icon, followed by the stars icon to select the magic eraser.


Whatever you want out of the picture is where you'll paint with the magic erase tool. Here, I chose to get rid of the spoon.


Et voila! Let Snapchat do its magic and the unwanted object is gone. Ready to post!