How To Use The New Snapchat Search Bar

by Lily Feinn
Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Ever wish you had a faster way to navigate Snapchat, without all the tapping and swiping? A new Snapchat update will be shaking things up by adding a universal search bar snappers can access regardless of where they are in the app. Wondering how to use the new Snapchat search to find friends, hop onto message threads, Discover channels and add new contacts with ease? From what's been seen so far, the new search function be accessible at the top of the app at all times ultimate convenience. It isn't available across the entire platform yet, but let's take a moment to learn a little more about it anyway — that way, you'll be ready for it when it fully arrives, right? (Bustle has reached out to Snap, Inc. for comment and will update this post if/when we hear back).

According to TechCrunch, the first major Snapchat update of 2017 began rolling out last week to select Android users; indeed, the Daily Dot notes that it's "currently live to users of [Snapchat's] beta Android app." But if you don't see the search bar on your own account yet, don't fret! TechCrunch reports that the update will soon be available for all Android and iOS users, though a specific timeline has not yet been established.

While December's update gave us the much-needed Group chat, exciting new editing tools, stickers, and a Shazam-esque song search, this latest edition is changing the entire interface. Now your Bitmoji will appear on the lefthand side of the search bar, and a single tap on the icon will bring you directly to your personal profile. The besties you snap with most often will be even more easily accessible, appearing in your profile under the "Best Friends" list.

For a quick tour of Snapchat's new search function, check out this video from TechCrunch:

Neat-o, right? Here's a closer look at exactly how to navigate Snapchat's universal search:

Tap The Search For Auto-Suggestions

The new search function brings all the most important pieces of Snapchat together in one, easy-to-use navigational tool. Tap on the search bar at the top of your screen, and a drop-down list of different contacts will automatically appear: Suggested friends to start a "Quick Chat" with, recommended Group threads to join, a menu of new friends, a complete list of contacts, and new friends to start following based on recently added phone contacts or mutual friends. According to TechCrunch, "You can find specific daily editions of Discover channels or particular Our Stories by searching for their titles," too.

Search For A Friend With Ease

When the new update rolls out, you'll be able to start a conversation with a friend and entirely sidestep the chat interface. Simply tap on the universal search bar pinned to the top of your screen, and begin typing in a name. Snapchat's drop-down menu will auto-populate with your friends, Groups, and suggestions of new friends to add. Tap on your friend's card to immediately start a chat with them. Tap and hold on their Bitmoji image to check out their mini profile. To view your friend's most recent Story, tapping the icon on the right will start it playing full screen.

Submit Snaps To Our Stories

There will apparently be major chances to the Snapchat Stories format as well. With the latest update, users will no longer need to tag a specific event or location to submit their snaps to Our Stories. Instead, record a snap, tap the arrow, and simply select Our Story. Snapchat will sort and use your submission in their curated slideshow as they see fit.