How To Use The Tint Brush On Snapchat

by Nia Decaille

The Snap gods have smiled upon faithful users once again. Not only have they incorporated buzz worthy features such as their Snap Map and their Emoji brush, but now there is a way to add a little more color and many more snaps to your story. On this episode of Keeping Up With Social Media, Snapchat surprises us again with a Tint Brush and Multi-Snap feature that continues to keep them a step ahead of similar apps like Instagram Stories and the quick video brand.

With so many new features being rolled out monthly, I bet you're wondering how to to use the Tint Brush on Snapchat? First, let's start with why it's going to take your snap game to another level. Now you can add color to any object in your snap! So if you're not quite into your hair that day, but the selfie lighting is everything, why not change it? Feeling like you want to personify your mood ring? Add some color and tell the people how you're feeling.

In addition to the tint, they've also added a Multi-Snap feature for more snap bliss! The Multi-Snap feature will allow for snappers to basically Snap n' go — you can take up to six 10-second consecutive snaps for continuous action without having to pause, watch, and post. You won't have to worry about customizing each snap because you're still equipped with a way to preview and take advantage of Snapchat's creative tools.

Speaking of creative tools, here's how to use that Tint Brush on Snap:

1. Grab that update.

Don't do it to yourself. Do not read this handy little article and forget to update your phone. Updates will be available for iOs and Android systems. So head to your app store or wherever Android people go to update their phones.

2. Snap!


We've been here before. You got this! Turn the camera around for a gorgeous selfie or capture something absolutely hilarious the old fashioned way.

3. Find the Scissors Icon.


Once you've snapped something glorious, on the right hand side of your screen you'll need to tap the scissor icon.

4. Select The Tint Brush.

Once you've tapped on the scissor icon, underneath the icons for the magic stickers, magic eraser and backdrops you'll find the brush icon you're looking for.

5. Select your color, and outline.

Using the color tool bar you can select what hue suits you, and use the brush to outline the object or part of the object you want to color.

And voilà! A color-changed snap.

Just when you thought Snapchat couldn't get any better, the opportunities now still prove limitless, magically erased, and, of course, located on a Snap map (or not, if you doesn't float your boat). So go get that Snap update and glo' on!