How To Watch All The New HBO Max Shows On Your Apple TV

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Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Apple and HBO have partnered up to make the switch to HBO's new streaming service simple. People can watch HBO Max on Apple TV in a couple of ways. And, if you're already paying for HBO or HBO Now through the Apple app store, you'll get upgraded to HBO Max on Apple TV for free, according to Reuters.

It's part of a concerted effort by WarnerMedia (the team behind HBO Max) to bring the new streaming site to as many eyes as possible. "As we prepare for the launch of HBO Max, our focus remains on making it as widely available as possible for customers seeking out this best-in-class streaming experience," WarnerMedia Distribution chief Rich Warren said, according to Deadline. "The availability to HBO Max across Apple devices is a great addition to our distribution offering and will provide seamless access for millions of customers."

When HBO Max launches on May 27, it will be available across all Apple products with the Apple TV app, per Deadline. That includes iPhones, iPads, iPod touches (if you still have one of those), and Apple TVs. However, the type of Apple TV you have will affect how you can stream HBO Max. Variety reported that the fourth generation Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K will stream HBO Max as a native app, but people with second or third generation Apple TVs will have to stream the HBO Max content via AirPlay from their phone or tablet.

Once in the Apple TV app, Deadline says that the HBO Max content will be in the Watch Now programming section and will also have its own dedicated channel. If you don't currently subscribe to HBO, you can also sign up directly in the Apple TV app. And because this is Apple, you'll be able to search HBO Max's offerings with Siri voice requests. All in all, it's pretty seamless.