You Can Get Paid $2,000 To Watch TV This Fall & The Perks Sound Like A Dream

Marathoning your favorite shows is usually something you do when you're procrastinating or have a glorious day off to relax. It's the perfect way to sit back and enjoy yourself, but sadly it happens all too often when you should be working or writing that essay that's due soon. It would be too painful to give it up (because who doesn't love watching 24 episodes in a row for an entire day, it's basically an extreme sport), so we still find time to fit it in amidst busy schedules. If you love marathon-viewing TV series new and old as much as I do, you'll be ecstatic to find out that the pastime has now become a literal job opportunity: a website called HowToWatch wants to pay people $2,000 to watch 100 hours of live TV this coming fall.

"Here at, we strive to recommend the best TV options for our readers," the job listing says. HowToWatch has tons of different reviews of series that a lot of us know and love: This Is Us, Empire, The Voice, Grey's Anatomy, Game of Thrones, Suits, and more. The job opportunity basically gives TV-lovers the chance to watch a variety of different series and get paid to give their input on the streaming services that host them. "We’re looking to contract someone as passionate about TV-streaming as we are to watch 100 hours of content this fall and report back to us about it," they continue. If the perfect job didn't exist before, it absolutely does now.

They explain that the gig is a contracted position that pays $2,000 for a total of 100 hours of watching (no need to keep pinching yourself), and it's super flexible. You can work from home, watch wherever you want, and don't need any kind of formal experience. Options on what to watch range from NFL games or other live events to brand new fall TV show season premieres, so you can find a platform that suits your cinematic tastes. Even better? HowToWatch will pay for and provide logins to the seven different streaming that platforms they want to test for their site. Paradise is real, guys.

HowToWatch is searching for an expert TV marathoner or tech aficionado who knows the ins and outs of streaming to fill the position. "Our dream candidate is also an active Twitter and/or Reddit user who feels comfortable sharing their experiences along the way. Social media influencers are strongly encouraged to apply," they add. I posted an un-sponsored picture of my breakfast the other day, does that count as being an influencer? I hope so.

So, what exactly are the responsibilities of the position? If you get the job, you'll need to watch approximately 14 hours of live content on each major streaming platform (which they describe on the job listing page), take notes on the performances of the different services, help the site create streaming-quality ratings, and complete all 100 hours of TV-watching by November 1, 2018. Sounds do-able.

Candidates must be 18 years or older, and you can apply here now through October 4 — don't miss out on the chance to get arguably the greatest job that has ever existed.