Ramy Youssef Fans In The UK May Be Waiting A While To Watch The Comedian's New Show

by Emma Madden
Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You may not have heard of Ramy Youssef before, but I reckon that you won't be able to get away from that name before the year's out. As an actor and comedian, Youssef's previously had some pretty lowkey roles in show such as Mr. Robot and See Dad Run, but now he's deservedly coming into the spotlight. His eponymous new show will explore the trials and tribulations he experiences as an Egyptian immigrant in America, and it's already got critics raving. Are you wondering how to watch Ramy in the UK? Me too. So let's dig in. Because us Brits shouldn't have to miss out on comedy gold.

Set to premiere on U.S. streaming site Hulu on Friday, April 19, as Deadline reported on Feb. 11, Ramy is the new comedy, which per its official synopsis, will find Youssef "on a spiritual journey in his politically divided New Jersey neighborhood."

The streaming service promises that Ramy "will bring a new perspective to the screen as it explores the challenges of what it’s like being caught between a Muslim community that thinks life is a moral test and a millennial generation that thinks life has no consequences."

This sounds amazing. OK, so when will UK viewers get to see it?

Unfortunately, it doesn't look as though any British programmers have picked up Ramy yet. As of now, the show's only available to Hulu subscribers. And in even worse news, Hulu has yet to come to the UK, meaning that there's going to be an indefinite wait before you'll get to hop onto the Ramy hype. I've reached out to one of the Hulu's reps to see if there's any chance the UK will get it sooner rather than later, and I'll report back if and when I hear from them.

But even if the wait's longer than you'd like, that doesn't mean you can't get to know Youssef outside of his show. The comedian made his first big waves when he performed a standup set on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert back in May, 2017. In his set, Youssef showcased his balanced brand of religious and political commentary, to hilarious effect. He's "expecting a Hogwarts letter from ISIS," he confessed to a captivated audience.

In a recent interview with Variety, published on Monday, April 15, Youssef explained that, as a Muslim, "a lot of our art is us apologising or showing we’re not terrorists." He added: “If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re not getting that [here]. I think what’s happening in a lot of television is that there’s a sense of social justice and you watch a show that’s [about] how the world should be [but] I don’t think my show is how the world should be; it’s how it is.”

I reckon Ramy is going to be the launchpad for a ginormous career for Youssef, and if there are any British programmers reading this, then please commission this show as soon as possible. The hype train for Youssef has well and truly pulled out of the station, and the UK is going to want to jump on board ASAP.