The Prosecutor From OJ Simpson's Trial Has Co-Created A Scary AF New TV Drama

by Emma Madden
Eric McCandless/ABC

While there's more than enough TV here in the UK to keep your evenings very happily occupied, sometimes you just might want to turn your viewing habits Stateside, especially when there's a show as good as The Fix around. The new series, which recently premiered on ABC, is the legal drama that everyone in the U.S. seems to be talking about right now. So, here's how to watch The Fix in the UK so that you can join in on the conversation, and be one of the first to introduce your friends to their new favourite TV show.

Starring Prison Break's Robin Tunney as its main character Maya Travis — who is perhaps TV's most ruthless lawyer right now — The Fix debuted on Monday, March 18. It had its viewers on Twitter gasping for air, and it's only fair that you should be able to join them.

However, since the show is exclusively streaming on ABC right now, you won't be able to watch it, unless you're planning on making a trip to the U.S. anytime soon. Instead, you'll have to watch this space to see if and when it'll be coming to streaming services. Bustle reached out to representative's at ABC to see if there is any intel about a UK drop. I imagine that it could happen, and in my opinion, this show hands down has the feel of a Netflix drama. Here's why you should wait around for it.

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While the comparison's not made explicitly in the show, viewers can't help but compare The Fix to Marcia Clark and the O.J. Simpson case — not least because Clark was a co-creator of the TV show, as E! reports. As news outlet reports, The Fix could well be interpreted as a fictionalised do-over in favour of Clark, as Tunney plays a likeable lawyer, who you can't help but feel possesses some of Clark's qualities, while faintly sharing a likeness with her. "I wanted to write The Fix because it really does wrap in all my life experience," Clark said of the TV show.

While Clark lost the O.J. trial and didn't get a do-over herself, in The Fix, Maya Travis gets to revisit her most famous case. Almost a decade prior to the show's present timeline, Travis was prosecuting Severen "Sevvy" Johnson, a fictional British movie star, who had been accused of a double murder.

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When Johnson's a top suspect in a new murder, Travis is called on to swoop in. As the show unfolds, you can't help but wonder what would happen if Simpson was called back to trial, and how Clark would respond. If you boil it down, this show could be seen as a revenge fantasy for anyone that was team Clark in the Simpson trial, so if that's your bag, then you'll want to stick around. Clark admitted the link herself, saying "Is this a revenge fantasy? Maybe!" One thing's for sure, the show looks hella entertaining, and it's refreshing to see how trials like Simpson's might play out differently in 2019.