How To Watch 'The Good Fight' & Follow The Scandalous New Series

Patrick Harbron/CBS

CBS's hit drama The Good Wife has only been gone for less than a year, and its highly anticipated spinoff is almost here to cure your blues. How do you watch The Good Fight? Like with most things in this franchise and at the fictional Lockhart and Lee, it's complicated.

The series stars Rose Leslie, who you know and love from Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey before that. Comedy actor Justin Bartha has also joined the series. Returning are Christine Baranski, Sarah Steele, and Cush Jumbo from The Good Wife. The action picks up one year after the finale of the original series. Fans of The Good Wife are definitely going to want to tune in. The Good Fight trailer was absolutely tantalizing. Unfortunately, watching the new series could get a bit tricky.

The pilot episode of The Good Fight will be broadcast on CBS on February 19 at 8 p. m. so that everyone can check out the spinoff. However, after that, the show is available through the new streaming network CBS AllAccess. The bummer thing about that is that even if you pay for basic cable, your login information is no longer good. You still have to subscribe to the additional service.

Even the marketing for the show reminds you that "it's not on CBS." The new streaming service, which will also host the upcoming Star Trek Discovery and Big Brother Over The Top as well as a library of old CBS content, costs $6 a month with commercials and $10 a month without.

Patrick Harbron/CBS

The service is available on a number of devices, including Apple products, Roku, Android, Fire TV, Windows 10, Xbox and PS4. Still, that's a lot to pay for just one show a week, so hopefully you're a fan of a lot of CBS content. If you wanted to be truly devious, you could always wait until the season is over and marathon it during a free trial week of AllAccess. Just a thought, and totally legal if you're willing to sit it out for a while.

It's definitely not impossible to watch The Good Fight, it just takes a little commitment and a little extra cash. Personally, I think it's going to be worth it.