When You'll Be Able To Spot The Super Flower Moon From Your Window Tonight


The full moon is an important time as it begins a new moon cycle and is an opportunity to take a moment to reflect, make positive plans for the future. In uncertain times, the moon can be a stabilising force for us all. Luckily, figuring out how to watch the Super Flower Moon in the UK is easy enough and a fun activity you can still enjoy during lockdown.

What Is The May 2020 Super Flower Moon?

A supermoon (also known as a perigean full moon or a perigee syzygy) happens when the full moon is at its closest possible point to the earth during its monthly orbit. As a result of this, it appears larger and far more awe-inspiring than usual.

According to astrology book The Almanac (via Stylist), the name 'super flower moon' reflects the "floral abundance" we see at this time of year. This year, the super flower moon should prove an extra special celebration for those lucky enough to have outdoor space or for anybody who's been trying there hand an indoor gardening with window boxes and the like. This is the fourth and last supermoon of 2020, meaning it's a very important one to take note of.

When Will The May 2020 Super Flower Moon Appear?

Sky News reports that it will appear as full for approximately three days. Beginning on the evening of Tuesday May 6 all the way until the morning of Friday May 8. However, for those eager to make the most of it, Sky notes that the super flower moon will be most visible on Thursday May 7 at approximately 10.45 p.m. BST.

How Can You Get The Best View Of The May 2020 Super Flower Moon?

The best place to view the Moon is, "on hills with clear views to the East and West," according to the Evening Standard but remember that, although it's easy to get carried away, social distancing must remain your priority. You should still be able to see the moon from indoors if you're lucky enough to have a window facing the right direction – it's going to be very bright.

How The May 2020 Super Flower Moon Affect Your Mood?

I reached out to astrologer, podcaster, and published author of Your Signs and Your Stars Carolyne Faulkner to ask her expert opinion on how this full moon might affect our moods. "For many there'll be a sense of a relief at the ending of an intense period - perhaps aligned with the need that lockdown will be easing soon enough," she explains.

Since this is a super flower moon in Scorpio, Faulkner says: "For some there'll be a feeling of release from the toxicity surrounding Scorpio gone wrong ( jealousy resentment and grudges)."

However, she adds that most people "will feel a huge sense of letting go, this powerful moon phase will enable us to move on from past hurts and feelings of failures and embrace fresh dreams and goals especially with new relationships and career prospects."

All that considered, enjoy a happy and healthy full moon and hope for a better situation during the next one.