How To Wear Initial Necklaces, Because I'm On Board This Self-Love Bandwagon

Left: Urban Outfitters / Right: Missoma

Now that I've finally pulled all the chunky sweaters out from the back of my closet, I've been trying to find ways to step them up without looking too dowdy. Luckily, layering necklaces is still in and a pop of gold or silver against a black turtleneck always looks chic. (Though TBH, The Rock still does it best.) One of the latest trends I've noticed around is how many people seem to be wearing initial necklaces and honestly, I'm totally convinced. It didn't take much though, since I'm a sucker for monogramming, so bring it on.

If you happened to trawl through the street style photographs from fashion week, you might have noticed a number of people flaunting their favourite letters. There's one beauty in particular that has been racking up the love from Celine — pictured below on blogger Lolita Mas — which has since trickled down to the high street. There's a few more affordable pieces that have since taken inspiration from it, with the likes of River Island and Urban Outfitters riffing off of Celine's iconic necklace. Others like Anthropologie and Missoma have brought personalisation to another big jewellery trend — coin necklaces — with their daintier pieces which are ideal for layering.

Darling & Gold's sweet art deco alphabet necklaces are ones you might have seen in the news, as Kylie Jenner opted for layering six of them to spell out her daughter's name: Stormi. It's a pretty cute idea, even if my poor neck is already exhausted thinking of how heavy all those chains are.

I've put together a range of jewellery bits below if you're thinking about snagging one of your own, whether you're looking for a budget-friendly upgrade or really want to commit to the cause. Check it all out below.

Rachael Jackson Alphabet Necklace - G


Darling & Gold

Darling & Gold's initial necklaces are a fun twist on the trend, as these gold plated pieces are heavily art deco inspired. If they look familiar, it's for a good reason — Kylie Jenner actually stacked several of these initial necklaces on top of one another to spell out her baby's name Stormi in a photo shoot. Honestly, it's a super cute idea and if you can afford it: the more bling the better.

Body Language M Initial Necklace by Fee Greening



Chances are you've seen this influencer favourite brand all over Instagram, as they've been killing it with their Roman-inspired Lucy Wililams collection and this sweet Fee Greening initial collab. NGL I've had my eye on this beauty for a while as all the letters are made up of illustrated women, posing to create the alphabet. It's definitely one of the pricier ones on the list, but oh boy is it worth saving up for.

Initial Pendant Statement Necklace - C


Urban Outfitters

This necklace has the coolest font of the list, as all the letters are sculptural with a chic bamboo-inspired effect. While they don't have all the letters of the alphabet, those of you looking for an A, C, E, J, L, M or S pendant are in luck.

A Initial Necklace by Edge of Ember


Wolf and Badger

This cute necklace is made by a designer called Edge of Ember and comes in two lengths, ideal for those of us who have an obsession with layering necklaces. (Can you tell I have a problem?) The letter itself is pretty minimalist, but it's the ball chain that it hangs on that gives it a bit of an edge.

Monogram Disk Necklace



Coin necklaces are super cute and this one combines the trend with the letters of the alphabet. With a 16cm long silver chain, this brass pendant would look darling with a V-necked LBD — the Christmas parties won't know what hit them.

Initial Pendant Necklace - D



Looking for a little more bling? Loft has created a number of alphabet pieces that really shine, inlaid with mismatched pastel gems. The chain is slightly longer than others on the list, but you can always pop the pendant onto another chain for an easy fix.

Gold Tone Large Initial 'E' Necklace


River Island

Want something a little bigger? This initial necklace from River Island has a faux hammered gold effect and is slightly bigger than the others on the list. The font used also has a heck of a lot of personality, making this a slightly more playful (and affordable) take on the staple.

14K Gold Asymmetrical Letter Necklace - A


Maya Brenner

This necklace is the priciest on the list and the most delicate. Hailing from LA brand Maya Brenner, it's absolutely darling and also slightly unusual in that the letter charm hangs slightly off to the side. It's also available in silver and rose gold if that's more up your alley (and your price range).