The Meghan Markle Way To Wear Nude Lipstick

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Meghan Markle is undoubtedly a style and beauty icon in her own right. We're desperate to know what skincare she slathers on at night, or what brand the necklace is by that she's spotted wearing. One thing she has become known for is her understated, subtly gorgeous approach to makeup; notably, her penchant for a nude lip hue. If you're wondering how to wear nude lipstick like Meghan Markle, here are some top tips and product recommendations for getting the look.

Perfect your application skills

Meghan's lipstick is unsurprisingly always perfectly applied, and seems to last pretty much all day. Neutral lipsticks are far easier to keep looking fresh for longer, which is part of the reason why she loves them. Last year Meghan's makeup artist Daniel Martin told People magazine that she much prefers an understated colour, and will rarely opt for a red or a plum shade. “She likes to talk and she’s not a fussy person, so she doesn’t want to have to worry about anything [that way],” he told the publication.

Perhaps the best tips for keeping lipstick looking fresh all day is the following. First, make sure to prime and prep your lips well. Nourished, smooth lips will cling onto product and make it look good far longer than dry, flakey ones. For this reason, apply a lip scrub and good conditioning lip balm before lipstick application. If you can find a lip balm without a super shiny finish, even better; these make perfect bases for stick formulas. Also invest in a lip liner in a shade as close to your chosen lipstick as possible. As well as lining the lips with it, fill in the rest of the lip area to act as a long-lasting base for your lipstick.

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Pair it with a subtle smokey eye

You'll notice that Meghan's go-to look is a neutral lip with a subtly smokey brown eye. In his interview with People, Martin revealed that Meghan "likes a stronger eye," which makeup fans will know usually complements a more subtle lip perfectly.


Meghan prefers warmer colours, according to Martin, so many of her looks comprise of golden browns with a touch of something smokier in the outer corners. To get the look, pick up a little palette which contains all the colours you need to get that eyeshadow on point. Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Look In A Palette colours are bang on, but here are a few other neutral palettes I love:

Opt for a deeper shade

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Meghan will often opt for neutral shade that is slightly darker than her natural lip colour, something with deep pinky-brown undertones, and ones that work perfectly with her features.

It's unclear whether this is a substantiated claim, but there have been numerous reports such as this one by People magazine, that an insider revealed Meghan's favourite lipstick is Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in the shade 'Very Victoria'. Along with that one, here are three more of the best I think Meghan would love. Just bear in mind that the shades often look different online and in pictures than they do IRL, so it's worth trying before you buy!