Here's The Ridiculously Easy Way You Can Win Free Domino's For A YEAR

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The best things in life are free: love, friendship, nature, and in this case, pizza. Domino's — the unofficial pizza of late night college study sessions and Super Bowl parties — has partnered with Quikly to give one participant FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR. And even if you don't win the grand prize, you could be one of the 25,000 others to receive a $5 promotional gift card, so literally everyone wins. Wanna get in on the action? Follow this link to the site of the quikly campaign for a chance to win free Domino's pizza for a year.

Usually these kinds of promotions come with some concealed, often overlooked fine print; this one is no exception. Upon a closer look of the terms and conditions page on the quikly site, there are four distinct categories of prizes being offered. Per the fourth section under the 'Terms & Conditions' page on the site, the possible prizes are "Pizza for a year awarded in the form of five $100 Domino's Pizza e-gift cards; One $100 Domino's Pizza e-gift card; One $50 Domino's Pizza e-gift card; 25,000 $5 Domino's Pizza promotional e-gift code." So no matter what you walk away with, it's a pretty good deal for both your wallet and your appetite.

Domino's is not one to shy away from new and inventive ways to sell pizza. Just last summer the chain launched a chocolate dessert pizza in the United Kingdom which quickly went viral (and is also reportedly delicious). The pizza chain also started a wedding registry, perfect for those hard-to-buy-for friends of yours who are tying the knot. So I guess on second thought the promotion is not actually that unconventional.

The Michigan-based pizza chain isn't the only mainstream food distributor to offer a "for life" giveaway in recent memory. Late last year coffee chain Starbucks announced Project Give Good, its largest giveaway EVER. For two weeks, groups of apron-donning Starbucks baristas handed out FIFTY THOUSAND $20 Starbucks gift cards (totaling in one million dollars worth of bux) to lucky attendees of any number of festive events. Further, the company offered gold-status membership to anyone who made a purchase during the month of December; usually that distinction requires spending $150 at Starbucks over any 12 month-long period. If that wasn't enough free stuff (like there's EVER enough free stuff) Starbucks also launches an annual Starbucks for Life contest each holiday season. All these promotions are basically the best thing since the frappuccino.

IHOP is also getting in on the action. The international house of pancakes for every meal announced earlier this month the Breakfast-For-A-Year Sweepstakes in honor of its 60th birthday. If you want free pancakes for a year, though, you gotta put in a little extra work. The contest entails going to you local IHOP, ordering each of the three new international pancakes (not all at one time, of course) and uploading a photo of each to the IHOP smartphone app. After you've snapped a pic of, and scarfed down the Mexican Tres Leches Pancakes, the Belgian Dark Chocolate Mousse Pancakes, and the English Sticky Toffee Pancakes, you're officially eligible to win a year's worth of the chain's namesake dish. But, keep in mind, you only have until mid-June to complete the challenge, so you might wanna (I)hop to it.

Food tastes better when it's free, and even more when it has been won. If you're looking to add a little competitive energy to your meals this spring start by checking out the Domino's giveaway taking place ONE DAY ONLY. You're likely to score something, and maybe if you're the luckiest pizza fanatic you'll win enough of the stuff to satiate you for a whole year.