Reebok Made Crystal Sneakers Inspired By Cardi B's Nails — But There Are Only 50 Available


If you have a weakness for limited edition sneakers, then wait until you hear about this Reebok campaign. It's blending technology and exclusivity to create one covetable shoe. Reebok is dropping limited-edition “Crystal Coated” Club C sneakers in honor of Reebok x Cardi B's new ad campaign, "Nails."

The Club C is a minimalist shoe, but for a limited time only it will get glitter bombed for this campaign. The sneakers are covered with hand-placed Swarovski crystals, and each pair is uniquely numbered and designed so it's actually one of a kind. Cardi B is the inspiration behind these blinged-out kicks. In her new "Nails" campaign, the artist sits at a salon getting her hair done while talking with her friend underneath the dryers. As Cardi is discussing whether or not she should block a guy's number who is taking too long to respond, she and the whole salon notice that her Reebok sneaker is untied. That's when her pink, pointed nails grow an extra three feet, extend to the ground, and tie the laces like they're fingers.

Since it's so surreal and magical, these new "Crystal Coated" Club C sneakers mimic the design of Cardi B's nail art. The sneakers are a bubblegum pink with white paneling and white soles. The sides of the shoes are embellished with pink, blue, and yellow crystals, much like Cardi's nails.

The heel of the shoe reads "Reebok" spelled out with pink Swarovski crystals, and there is an assigned number stamped onto the side with some more crystals. Cardi B would totally approve the level of shine on these shoes.


"Like the queen of hip hop, this drop is one-of-a-kind," the Reebok landing page reads. To win it, the shoe is available to score via virtual assistant, making it a first-of-its-kind sneaker drop. Only 50 shoes are available, meaning there will be only 50 winners.

You can enter to win exclusively through Amazon Alexa and Google Home. For Amazon say, “Alexa, open Reebok Sneaker Drop." Or if you have Google say, "Hey Google, open Reebok Sneaker Drop."

This will activate the Reebok skill, and it will ask you some personal details, like what your shoe size is, your name, and more. In order to qualify for the limited-edition sneakers, you need to get this done by Sept. 7.


That's all you need to do for now. Then come back to the skill on Sept. 7 between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. EST to actually enter the contest. For Amazon say, “Hey Alexa, ask Reebok Sneaker Drop if I won."

For Google Home say, “Hey Google, ask Reebok Sneaker Drop if I won." Then officially enter into the drop by saying the passcode “Get my Club C’s."

At the end, 50 top prize winners will take home the Club C Crystal Coated shoes and 100 runners up will get a pair of the Club C 85. That way if you don't win the bedazzled sneakers you can at least get a shot to win the same shoes Cardi B wore in the ad. They will be the perfect shoes to take into fall.