This Secret Instagram Hack Lets You Write In RAINBOW Text In Stories

Emma Lord/Bustle

In the past year, Instagram has introduced a number of inventive updates to the platform. Some of the more notable updates include the addition of GIF stickers as an option to add to photos, the introduction of a mute button, and, of course, the ever-popular question feature. It may seem as though Instagram never stops coming up with ways to make the app even better. So, maybe it should not come as a surprise there is an Instagram hack — one that will show you how to write in rainbow text on Instagram Stories. Gone are the days of basic, single-colored text. Now, every letter can display a different shade.

Instagram Stories were first introduced a few years back, with the option to broadcast a live story following closely thereafter. The feature has quickly become a favorite among users, with more updates being added to it by the month. A classic option has always been to caption your photos, which has evolved since its introduction to include different fonts, colors, and formatting options. But if you're especially savvy with the app, you can use Instagram's font feature to hack your text to make it the rainbow of your dreams. It's admittedly kind of tricky to master, but well worth the time it takes — here's how it works.

Take A Picture

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When you launch Instagram, open up the live camera option by pressing the camera icon in the top left corner of the screen. Then, as you would normally, snap a pic of whatever grabs your attention.

Write Your Text

Emma Lord/Bustle

Then, click on that little "Aa" button you see in the top right corner. This will give you the option to ass text to the photo you just snapped. To the left of the "Aa" button is a pencil, which allows you to draw on the photo, and a smiley sticker, which allows you to add a sticker or GIF to the photo. We won't be using those right now, though.

You can type in any caption you desire, and alter its size, color, and font. Make sure you don't press the "X" or any of the buttons you see at the bottom of the photo yet. These will prematurely export or delete your snapshot.

Highlight Your Text

Then, highlight the text you have just typed. When you tap a letter (or word) you will be given the option to either select part or all of the phrase, along with options to cut, copy, look up, or share the text. Disregard these, and focus your attention on the colors at the bottom of the screen, instead.

Open The Gradient

Now, this is critical: hold down your finger on one of the colors until a gradient pops up. It is this gradient that will allow you to make the ~magic~. Instead of being limited to the few basic colors Instagram provides for text, the gradient affords you far more design freedom.

Drag One Finger Along The Gradient — While Dragging Your Finger Along The Text At The Same Time

Last but not least, and drag your finger along the gradient from right to left, while dragging your other finger right to left across the text at the same time. This will be tricky to master the first few times, but persevere! It will be well worth it — the result will be beautiful, colorful letters embellishing your newest Instagram snapshot.

Perfect, no? Now, if only this was around during Pride Month! Hopefully Instagram will make this an easier-to-access feature so people can select it instead of DIY-ing it, but in the meantime, enjoy hacking some rainbow and brightening people's days.